Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2 Ingredient French Dip Beef Au Jus-Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Some days we just need an easy no-brainer for lunch or dinner but still want something hot and hearty... I'm not sharing anything new or earth shaking here, just a reminder that when you need a ~very tasty~ sandwich that pretty much takes care of itself you can't beat this 2 Ingredient French Dip Beef Au Jus! Just beef, I used chuck roast this time, and dry onion soup mix. Cooking it in a pressure cooker is perfect because you don't lose any of the liquid, read: more for dipping:@) I added a little too much *cough* horseradish to my sandwich, provolone cheese would be a nice addition too.

 My small batch ratio is up to 1 lb beef-1 envelope of soup mix-1 cup water.
If that's too salty for you, add more beef broth.
Leftovers? Lucky you:@) Use the meat and broth as the starting point for any soup that sounds good.

Clarification: An Instant Pot is just the name brand of an electronic pressure cooker. 
So any recipe with that in the title will work in any electronic pressure cooker.
My electronic pressure cookers and mini Zo bread maker are my all time favorite kitchen toys. 

2 Ingredient French Dip Beef Au Jus
1 lb beef, any cut you'd like, chuck is great, and this is perfect for inexpensive London broil shoulder roast too
1 envelope dry onion soup mix-I've used Lipton, Aldi and Walmart brands, they're all good!
1 C water
     1. Put everything in pressure cooker vessel, seal, select high pressure for sixty minutes. Allow natural release.
     2. Shred meat with fork, serve on sturdy rolls with au jus for dipping.

Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. You are so clever Lynn, this sounds so easy and seems like everybody has an instant pot except me!

  2. Hi there....this looks so easy and good. Since I only have a crockpot, would it turn out the same?

    1. Hello, I'm sure lots of folks have made it that way but I can't comment on it because I haven't. Please let us know if you try it:@)

  3. I think Jenna and I need an Instant Pot! I love French Dips!

  4. Lynn, I need to board the Instant Pot train!


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