Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Went Junkin' -Amazing Finds! Vintage Christmas Tablecloth and Large Snowman Blow Mold

I don't usually get this lucky but, I found a spectacular vintage tablecloth at the thrift store for, are you ready? $3.99 -ACK!!! Vibrant colors, no stains and I honestly think it wasn't use before. I love that it has both cherry and a darker red and it looks great with my Corelle Winter Holly dishes too. Couldn't get this little beauty home fast enough:@)

 Gorgeous design, the striped ribbon borders the whole cloth.  
It's very cheerful, I love it and will truly treasure this find:@)

Then the following week this 41" Frosty was begging to come home with me... $5!!! 
His electrical was broken but I already had and extension cord and light fixture.
What I love is, he's not just for Christmas, I can leave him out in January after everything else is put away.
It's the little things that make me smile:@)

I hope the thrift stores are treating you well too!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Great finds! I just love your little snowman!

  2. Amazing! I guess we would have fought over that tablecloth in the store! But guess what...I have a Frosty just like that one! Holiday hugs!

  3. That table cloth is gorgeous! I keep finding round cloths and I buy them but I don't have a round table...hmmm? Oh your Frosty is going to be a great Winter friend. Hugs!!

    1. *I* have a round table. (I also put square cloths on it.

  4. What great finds! I've said it before, but I'd love to go thrifting with you!

  5. I love the snowman especially!! He will keep things merry all winter!

  6. Boy, you are the luckiest shopper. Yeah, if I had gotten there first that tablecloth would have come home with me. Unfortunately I rarely see great finds like that locally. Too many people looking and too many savvy when they come across something like that.

    I must be looking in the wrong thrift stores.

  7. Great finds Lynn! I have vintage tablecloth envy! :)

  8. Such great luck! I want your Frosty on my side porch entrance. He would be perfect there and make everyone come into my house with a smile!

  9. What a beautiful vintage tablecloth, Lynn, and Frosty is so cute! I love that you can keep him out all of January. Yes, it is the little things that make us happy, you're so right.


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