Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Went Junkin' -1980's(?) Small Ceramic Christmas Tree

Some have said I have a bit of a Christmas Tree problem... The word "intervention" has even come up once or twice:@) I say they make me happy and when I find something this neat at the thrift store I just have to bring it home! This little Ceramic Christmas Tree is only 9" tall, 5" wide and lights up beautifully. It's handmade and the only bummer is the person didn't etch the year it was made on the bottom, but I'm guessing it was in the 80's.

Here it is turned on but with poor lighting... Gotta work on that.

I'm really excited to set it up between the two wooden deer my brother made years ago, can't wait to see the scene all lit up:@)
This new tree is more than twice the size of the white one.

Grab it when you see it and have a happy day:@)


  1. I would so buy one of these trees! This one is super cute with the birds!

  2. I have a big, nice one like this. Had it a long time. Mine looks more spread out where yours looks more straight up. The little lights still work after all these years.

  3. I love those little ceramic trees. That one could even go back to the 60s. They were really popular with the ceramics classes, adult community college night school and such.

    Looks like the one you have in the photo is more a Thanksgiving tree with fruits and vegetables.

    I picked up a big one a few years back. Wanted a nice shape with a good color plus the foamy snow glaze. Got one and then a separate base. I have more than one base, one is for a music box and I want to set that up. I have the star and the "ornaments" for the holes, just have to put it together. I will admit the small ones are very cute. I think I might have a small one somewhere I got around the same time to use at work. I do recall they discontinued the large classic stars in yellow and that was the hardest to find. They had every color but yellow. Or you could get yellow but in the more modern pointy style. The ornaments are quite varied: angels, birds, flowers, balls from smooth to textured, plus the pointy cone shaped all in a multitude of colors.

    I made a halloween one. I got a small tree, about your size, spray painted it black, painted the base orange, then put orange "ornaments" in all of the holes. Instant Halloween tree.

    Ooops. Sorry, to give you ideas. You could do easter with the birds and flowers and a white tree, Valentine's with a white tree and red ornaments, St. Patrick's.......

  4. My mother was doing ceramics in the 60s and made one just like that--it's packed away somewhere. Now I need to go look!

  5. Lynn, I LOVE your little tree! Every year I hope my mom will give me one of the trees she made in her ceramics classes. They are bigger than yours and I think they came in several sizes. But I think yours could be from way earlier than the 80s. All her friends were making them when I was in jr. high and high school--late 60s to early 70s! I can't imagine every giving hers to goodwill! This was a great find for you and I'm glad it found a happy home! Linda

  6. I still have my tree that I made in a ceramics class back in the 80's. It's still one of my favorites!

  7. What a great find, Lynn! I've never seen one with the little birds on it. It's going to be pretty with the deer.

  8. What a cute little tree to add to your collection Lynn! I could use a 12-step program (or two :) when it comes to dishes and HomeGoods.

  9. I had a bigger version of that tree that I bought in the late '80's. My youngest broke it when he was about 2---just had to get a closer look! Brings back memories!


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