Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Snippets-Fall Tiered Tray, Candy Corn Footballs and Pumpkins-N-'Penos

I've given my Tiered Tray Centerpiece a few touches of fall by adding some fun seasonal shapes and colors. Pumpkins are a must and a little glittery bling is always a bonus:@) The floral pic in neutrals on top is from Walmart this year, the wheat stem is really fun. I think it goes well with the table topper (that's actually an old curtain from the thrift store years ago, yep).  Acorns are ornaments from my stash and the Le Creuset pie bird is always ready to crow about cooler autumn temperatures, and the apple pies in our near future

Did you see Brach's has Candy Corn in the shape of Footballs this year? 
My favorite fall candy meets my favorite sport:@)
Review: There are three colors, only the lightest one tastes like traditional candy corn.
The medium one seems kinda caramel and the brown one, while supposed to be chocolate(?), has a predominant coconut flavor to me.

And finally...
My planters treated me well this summer, successive green bean plantings kept us, and the neighbors, well fed. I just pulled some bean plants and found huge pumpkins for $5 at Walmart, so I tucked one in next to my very happy jalapeno! I'll enjoy the pumpkin through Thanksgiving then have the boys carry it down to the creek and break it for the critters.

Happy early fall everyone, have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Saturday Lynn! I love your tiered tray dressed for fall! Aren't Brach's football candy corn fun? I have to confess that I don't like candy corn but love to decorate with it. I sent the football popcorn to my hubby's office and it's always a hit. I'm happy it's pumpkins season, now if only Mother Nature will cooperate and the heat and humidity will follow the calendar :)

  2. We have had the mildest summer that I can remember. Not one day over the low 80s and cool nights. A week ago, the temperature hit the mid 90s and it has hung there. Awful!! I just can't get my love of fall to kick in just yet. I'm even lagging in the love of football area too!


  3. It is still to hot here to put out pumpkins they would cook!!

  4. I've got to get some of that football candy corn! That's kinda creepy that it tastes weird 😜 Love your potted pumpkin!

  5. Looks like another wonderful fall display. Need to test out those candy corn---fun for game day!

  6. I always love seeing what's on your tiered tray, Lynn. I found some of the football candy, but haven't busted open the bag yet. Your pumpkin looks happy next to your jalapeño plant.


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