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Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt for Barbie-Tutorial & Peanut Shell Coconut Top

Aloha! This Barbie came with a bathing suit so I thought a Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt would be a cute-free-quick craft. I like that kind:@) And if you already have an elastic ponytail band to donate to the project it's even faster! This skirt just loves to blow in the wind.
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Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt for Barbie
You will need:
a ponytail band or piece of elastic wide enough to fit over the doll's hips
tan (or color of choice) plastic bag

1. Start by flattening your grocery bag (you'll only need one and probably won't use all of it).
2. Cut the handles straight off, and the bottom straight off. Click the picture to make it bigger.
3.Cut the bag in half vertically and begin making strips. I aimed for about 1/4" wide.

4. If you don't have a ponytail band tie a piece of elastic into a circle big enough to fit over the doll's hips.
5. Since my elastic was thick I wrapped the two ends in some masking tape and trimmed the excess. If your elastic is thin just tie the loose ends in with the band as you add the strips.

6. Begin tying the strips onto the elastic with a double knot. (Bring the sides of the plastic up evenly around the elastic.) Don't pull the plastic to tight, it can break. Keep pushing it to one side to completely cover the elastic band.
7. Every once in a while twist the knots to point downward and when finished make them all point downward.
8. If necessary give the bottom a little trim to even the skirt out a bit.
 And here's a little surprise I noticed when the skirt was done, the recycling logo-I love it!
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How about adding a cute 'coconut top' made from peanut shells to complete the outfit:@)
Yep, peanut shells. The most time consuming part is sorting through the bag looking for big peanuts.
This is a fun little summer project that really doesn't cost any money and would keep the kids busy for a while.

Directions for Coconut Top:
Pick out some chubby looking peanuts... 
If you're lucky you might find one that has two plump ends and you won't have to glue the top together😉
Rinse the shells off and dry well if they were salted peanuts.

Glue two pieces together to create the top.

Glue a 12"ish, piece of ribbon to inside of shells.
You want it long enough to tie into a bow behind the doll's back.

You could add another piece of ribbon between the shells that would tie behind the doll's neck.
Or you could slip a hairband around the center and put that around her neck.
I just tied the top behind her back and that worked fine for me.
(A small piece of tape on the back might add extra security that the top won't slip, if desired.)

Barbie says... Aloha, where's the pig roast???😎

To which my mascot Earl says...
Ok folks, as you can tell I'm having some fun with the doll clothes.
I believe in running with inspiration any time it hits and hope these ideas make a child smile!


  1. oh, that hula skirt is too cute!

  2. What a darling idea! I raised two boys, so never got the opportunity to play Barbie, BUT I have a granddaughter (4 weeks, but still), so I'm filing this away for future reference.

  3. Yikes...You KNOW I'm just going to HAVE to try making one of these, doncha? Ms. C. will go bonkers. I'm ashamed to say how many Barbies she has. (I never had even one while growing up...too poor)

    I think I'll do the cutting & get the hair tie started & SHE can finish the project. Might even make a good craft day idea for her Girl Scout Troop.

    Thanks a million for sharing this!!!

    ~~laughing out loud at Earl~~

  4. Poor Earl! Is he in hiding??
    Those doll clothes are adorable. I have some granddaughters who would love the hula skirt and the cute crocheted dress. I need to look for that fun yarn. Thanks for your inspirational projects, Lynn! Maybe you need to make Earl a cute little outfit!! LOL!

  5. So cute! My girls are too big and no granddaughters - at least not yet :) Love this and the bling dress below.

  6. Cute and fun to make with the kids!

  7. How fun, my little granddaughters would love these. and how fun to make them together!

  8. My granddaughters will love this...thank you!!

  9. That is so cute Lynn!! What a fabulous idea!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. What a great idea! I will certainly have to make a couple of these for my daughters' dolls. Thanks so much for sharing this project!

  11. Barbie looks fabulous in her new skirt! What a fabulous way to recycle.

  12. LOL! Poor Earl! This is such a cute idea! I pinned this pic last night right away! Love it!

  13. Such cute ideas for doll clothes! Maybe I'll have some granddaughters one day...

  14. How clever, and so cute! Earl is a cutie, too!! :)

  15. Well, there are no Barbie Dolls in my life these days (except for my own from the 60's that is tucked in a box somewhere). Your post still made me smile!

  16. Another cute Barbie doll idea!

  17. That is one lucky Barbie! A new cocktail dress, and a hula skirt. What fun!

  18. I love this, my eight and nine year old granddaughters will just love this!

  19. So CUTE Lynn!!! (and it's a recycling project to boot! Love that!) Thanks for sharing a how-to!! ~tina

  20. Barbie's ready for the luau! Too clever Lynn~ love the serendipity with the recycling logo and you made me smile this morning :)


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