Monday, July 15, 2013

Barbie Bathing Suit and Dress from Headbands-Tutorial

Here's a fun project to whip up for summer and you have to love that there isn't any sewing involved! As soon as I saw the headbands I knew they'd be great crafting material for Barbie. Now you don't have to use the glitzy sequined ones (which I seem to be drawn to:@), but they do need to be at least 3/4" wide.
Introducing Vegas Vacation Barbie???

Materials for Bathing Suit:
One headband per doll (six came in a pack for $2.50 at Walmart-lovin' the colors!)
Glue, either your strongest quick drying craft glue, liquid stitches or a hot glue gun-that's all I had
Barbie doll for fitting

1. Cut the headband close to the seam. Wrap it around Barbie's chest, pull a little snug, you want it to stretch over her boobs so it covers them completely. Give yourself enough material to overlap the edges by 1/4" for gluing. Glue closed, the top is done. (The headband hasn't been glued in this pic)

2. Bring the headband up between her legs and lay it under where the belly button would be. You may want to use a small piece of tape to hold it in place, you'll see the tape in a later pic.

3. Holding the front piece in place with your finger or tape, turn the doll over and wrap the headband over one butt cheek.

4. Now wrap it around the front of her waist keeping it low on the hips. (Note the excessive tape... you don't need that much folks.)

5. Wrap it to the back again and bring it back down over the other butt cheek. Add 1/4" or more where the two overlap and while holding the material in place with one hand, cut off the excess headband.

6. At this point you will add glue to the piece on the right and tuck it 1/4" under the piece on the left. Hold in place until the glue dries.

7. Flip the doll over and remove the tape (if using), carefully lift the band that goes around the waist and add glue to the top of the flat piece that we started with, pull the waist band out and over top of the glue, hold in place until it dries.
8. Take the bathing suit off to make sure it's not glued to the doll. Clean any tape or glue residue off with rubbing alcohol. Trim any loose strings or fuzzies off the suit and and slide it back on the doll-no one likes a naked Barbie... well, except maybe Ken:@)

Materials for Dress:
One 2" headband (2 per pack at Dollar Tree-you'll get 2-3 skirts from one headband)
One 3/4" headband in a complimentary color
Glue, either your strongest quick drying craft glue, liquid stitches or a hot glue gun-that's all I had
Barbie doll for fitting
1. Cut the 2" headband to the length of skirt you want.
2. Make the top as in #1 above.
3. For Belt-wrap the 3/4" headband around her waist, make it a little snug (but it still has to stretch over her hips) and give yourself 1/4" overlap. Glue as you did the top.
4. Slide on her top. Open the 2" headband to make a tube and slide the skirt on, stretch the belt over the skirt and make it cover the top of the skirt (to hold the skirt in place).
My inner child was tickled by these ideas and since I have 4 more headbands... stay tuned!


  1. This is just adorable. My mother made all my daughter's Barbie clothes and she still has them all. This is such a cute idea....

  2. I love the skirt and the sequin tops!! Oh gosh, I use to love my Barbie and her clothes!

  3. Tex stole my comment. You are cute : ) Love seeing the Barbie. Reminds me of things old and new. The old is that I used to love making doll clothes and especially troll doll clothes. The new is I swear I saw girls dressed like this at the fair this weekend.

  4. Ms. C. is working on her Barbie hulu skirt as I type! It is turning out great, too.
    I sure hope I can find some of these darling headbands so we can do more Barbie outfits together. Thanks for sharing another really fun idea, Lynn.


  5. How cute is this, Lynn! You are making me wish for a granddaughter! Thanks so much for sharing at The Scoop!...hugs...Debbie

  6. What cute ideas! My granddaughters will love them. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas.

  7. Cute sparkly outfits there! Very inventive!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. You are so creative, what a darling idea. I can think of a few little girls that would go crazy over these!

  9. Hi Lynn, Barbie never looked so cute in a bathing suit. Kudos.

  10. I have to make some of these. Lunch tomorrow will be spent looking for headbands! I'd love it if you brought these over to What'd You Do This Weekend? At Tumbleweed Contessa.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  11. What a fun look for Barbie. I love the sequin bands the best. Of course they remind me of my daughters dance costumes.

  12. Lynn, I had to chuckle at "No one likes a naked Barbie... well, except maybe Ken" :) I'm so glad Barbie's swimsuit is not too revealing! Too clever using headbands!

  13. I was obsessed with barbies as a little girl! these outfits are too cute!

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    Check out my blog...If you want some cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

    Have a grea weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at

  15. I use to love making Barbie clothes! Thanks for linking up to Whimsy Wednesday! Your project has been featured this week on my blog in a sewing roundup!

    Also, you can add your project {or any project} to my website. I feature them on my main slider on the home page...follow this link to submit your project!

    Grab a button if you like...

  16. I love that pink swimsuit! So cute and clever!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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