Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rhubarb Pie and A Pie Thief!

Believe it or not, when my sons were little apple pie was not their favorite, I couldn't tell you how many times they'd ask me to "make that sour pie Mom"... Generally if folks have any memory of Rhubarb Pie it was something their Grandmother made and many people have never tried it at all. That's a shame.
 It does truly have a flavor all it's own, 
if you get the chance I do encourage you to make a pie, apples will help tone down the sour.
Our dessert today is 100% rhubarb, the plant in my yard is green, not red.

Well, I always worry about this and today it happened...
I put my pie outside on the table to cool and some varmint decided to help himself to it!
Funny how he only picked off the bird though.
I'll just remove that piece...
Now to decided whether to tell the boys about our dinner guest or not:@)

Rhubarb Pie
  • Make this exactly the same way you make your favorite apple pie, just substitute some or all of the apples with rhubarb. Updated: I received an e-mail asking for a recipe so I'll add: Approx 4 cups chopped rhubarb, 3 heaping Tblsp A/P flour, 1 C sugar and 1/2 - 1 tsp cinnamon. Using a homemade shortening crust I baked mine at 400 degrees for approximately 1 hour.
  • I cut the rhubarb into 1/4" slices.
  • You can also add some raisins.
  • It's great mixed with strawberries too.
  • Make it with a double crust or crumb topping. Crumbs: 3/4 C flour, 1/2 C sugar, melted butter (approx 4-6 Tblsp). Mix dry, slowly drizzle in butter while gently "fluffing" the mixture with a fork. The idea is to mix gently so you get some nice big crumbs. Pour over pie filling. Mix in any spices you'd like to use with the flour/sugar.
I don't cut back on sugar when making this pie,
it is tart but Earl says...

Have a happy day:@)

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  1. So you grow your own and then bake with it - how cool is that. Funny 'whatever' just took the bird! Very pretty. sandie

  2. I love that your pie crust has little birds on it, Lynn! I think I had rhubarb pie once, from a bakery, mixed with strawberries. xo

  3. I love seeing your picture Lynn! How funny is this! No, don't tell until after they eat!!! We had some varmint actually come in the house and open a package of muffins and eat the tops off, then it came back and tried to drag the whole six pack of muffins off but we must have been walking in and scared it off! Now, you little friend will be back often knowing what a good cook you are!
    (I like to be naughty too, but with a wedding on the way, it is soooo hard!)

  4. :D

    LOVE rhubarb pie, crumble or sauce! yum!

  5. My mom always made rhubarb kuchen, a German crumble dessert. It was delicious and your pie looks the same Lynn! I put a Biscoff pie, our Christmas dessert out on the deck this past December as there was no room in the fridge. When I went to get it, the FATTEST raccoon you ever saw WADDLED slowly away as he heard the door open, I could have cried but now we laugh about it :) Wonder what your guy looked like, could it have been Earl? :)

  6. I remember as a child not caring for rhubarb pie one iota. With age I have learned to enjoy a slice, especially apple/rhubarb pie. A little sweet and a little sour. Pretty darned good!

  7. Hi Lynn,
    My Mom used to make rhubarb pie all the time, but I never really liked it. I think my taste has changed and I would like it now.
    BTW, love finally seeing a picture of you.


  8. Your pie looks wonderful, Lynn, especially with a crumb topping (my favorite!). Let us know what the boys say about the varmint. You're such a good mom to make them a yummy pie. Happy Sunday!

  9. I made my first rhubarb pie thanks to your posting about 'em. Thanks. :)

  10. Is this rhubarb from your garden. Nothing is growing here, it's been so cold. I am not a big rhubarb pie fan but my Dad and one of our good friends LOVE them, so I make them every year. Hope things start to grow soon so they can get their pies.

  11. I love rhubarb pie, and my rhubarb will be ready to harvest soon. Your boys have a wonderful mom to bake for them ;o) xo

  12. The pie looks yummy! I love the little birds added on the crumb crust!

  13. Yummy! I like it best with strawberries!

  14. Just lately had rhubarb for the first time in many years and it was the green one not the red one. I always disliked it because it was too sour but the green one is sweeter and I enjoyed it so I will try a crumble next time.

  15. I am starting a new craft swap on my blog. Would love to have you join it. Your jean pot holder would make a great swap for someone.

  16. Oh my word, that looks divine! I've spotted a lot more rhubarb at the markets here so I might give this a try. I usually just love it stewed and served warm with lots of vanilla ice cream but this would be a real treat!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  17. Looks yummy, Lynn! I like sour pie too like lemon and key lime....Christine

  18. My mil always made it with strawberries because they are ripe at the same time of year. I want to try your crumb top. Usually a crumb crust has oatmeal, but I am oat-sensitive. This looks like a perfect solution.

  19. I love, love rhubarb pie...and yours with the crumb topping looks perfect. (well, at least perfect before the critter attack!) I prefer mine just as you made it...all rhubarb. Mmmmmm.....

  20. Rhubarb is my favorite (fruit) pie. I use my grandmother's recipe for the for the filling. She always added 3 eggs to 4 c. of sliced rhubarb. Something about that addition reduced the tartness of the rhubarb. My husband loved her rhubarb pie, but would not eat any others. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  21. It looks delicious. I have only had strawberry/rhubarb pie put it sounds wonderful with the apples added.

  22. So here's a dumb question: Is it easy to find rhubarb where you live? I never thought about it until this post, but I don't ever see it in the store, and I don't know of any place that it's growing around here. My aunt used to have it in her back yard when I was a kid. We loved to just venture out there and eat it. Rhubarb makes me think of my childhood and my late brother. I think I would like to try to make a rhubarb pie.

  23. LOL Lynn, the bird flew the coop! Can you believe I've never had rhubarb? I need to remedy that and a pie is the perfect way to do that! :)

  24. I really enjoy rhubarb! I think I need to plant some in my own garden so I don't need to rely on others' excess to satisfy my appetite!

  25. This looks delicious! I can't wait to pick my first stalks this year. They still have a ways to go. Darned varmint!

  26. hOh goodness, I do love Rhubarb pie. I had never thought of it before but it is that "sour" taste that I love so. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. so neat that you have that in your garden.
    Happy Mother's Day


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