Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paula Deen's Meatloaf and a new kitchen toy!

Here's the thing about meatloaf folks, while it's one of the best comfort foods, let's face it, it's just not very pretty to photograph. I've been using Paula's recipe for a few years now and we really like it, I'd say it's a perfect traditional meatloaf and the topping makes it great!
On my last visit to Christmas Tree Shops I treated myself to a two piece meatloaf pan. You know the type, it has an insert with holes so the grease can drip away from the meat and the insert has handles so you can easily lift the meatloaf out of the pan.
I'd say it worked well, I did have drippings in the bottom of the pan. After lifting it out I used a wide spatula to get it onto the serving platter. My boys are big fans of the new pan, so I'm glad I picked it up and would say don't hesitate to get one if you have the storage space and especially if it's only $5 :@)

Paula Deen's Meatloaf
1 lb ground beef
1 1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/2 C chopped onion
1/2 C chopped bell pepper
1 egg, lightly beaten
8 oz canned diced tomatoes with juice-I like petite diced
1/2 C quick-cooking oats-I use old fashioned oats, refrigerate loaf before baking to soften

1/3 C ketchup
2 Tblsp brown sugar
1 Tblsp prepared mustard

1. Mix all meatloaf ingredients, shape into a loaf (this is a soft mix) and place in baking dish.
2. Mix all topping ingredients and spread on loaf.
3. Bake at 375 degrees for one hour.

6/15/14 Update: I made this with a pork/veal/beef mix (a little over 1 lb) and used half jalapenos that were cleaned very well and half red bell pepper-amazing! Giving the oats a quick run through the food chopper is nice too.

Have a happy day:@)


  1. Great idea, Lynn! I agree, sitting in the drippings is not an appetizing sight. It looks delicious.
    I add chopped up black olives and chopped julienned sun dried tomatoes in herbed olive oil to my meatloaf. And fresh parm.

  2. Ya,..... meatloaf just sort of loafs on the plate unless you place some nice broccoli beside it. Just a loafy kinda look.. LOL

  3. I love meatloaf - especially cold on a sandwich the next day! Looks good Lynn!

  4. So strange to see you blog this recipe today as this is my husbands speciality and we had it ljust ast night! We also bought the exact same loaf tin too when we decided this meal was going to be a regular favorite!, Sally xx

  5. Great looking meatloaf! Looks delicious.

  6. At our house we call it Meat Lump but we love it. I make many variations but do come back to the simple version like this often.
    Love that pan since I have come close to disaster a couple times trying to get the loaf out of the pan.

  7. Hi Lynnie! Oh, we just love meatloaf and I'm so thrilled that I make it almost like Paul Dean! :) I am going to use her topping next time. I just use ketchup, don't tell anyone.
    My hubby got me one of those meatloaf pans and I've never used it. I thought it would be too much trouble. But now I'll take it out of the box! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. I like the old fashioned oats when I make meatloaf also. I made it once when I was out of oats and used crackers for the binder and it just did not taste the same. I also put ketchup and a dash or two of Worchestershire sauce in mine while I am mixing it up, otherwise it is pretty much the same as Ms. Paula's.

  9. I love a good meatloaf and I love a bargain (CTS woo hoo!). I made meatloaf on Sunday, very similar, and I did use Paula Deen's House seasoning. xo

  10. What a way to make delicious meatloaf healthier. I have something similar, but it's hard to get the meatloaf out of the pan. Your new pan looks like it's much friendlier than mine. I'll have to give Paula's and your meatloaf recipe a try. Thanks Lynn!

  11. I love that pan! I need to try this recipe, my meatloaf is so boring!


  12. That sounds good. I haven't used oatmeal before, but I'll have to give it a try. I have made a similar topping before and it sure beats just using ketchup on the top!

  13. Great all American comfort food, i love meatloaf. Richard

  14. And with a coupon, even less! :) I have had mine for a long time.
    Looks good L! I have half of one in the frig, been eating it for sandwiches.

  15. I'll have to look for that pan next time I go to the Christmas tree shop. I have always wanted to try Paula's meatloaf recipe. Yours looks delicious.

  16. What a great pan! I love meatloaf and my recipe it a little like Paula's but I will try her's next time I make it. Wish there was a Christmas Tree shop near me!!! Hugs, Linda

  17. We love meatloaf and especially the next day for sandwiches!! I don't have the pan, but I've seen them. For $5.oo, I'd buy one, too.

  18. I wish we had a CTS shop in the Midwest! They have the best stuff. I probably won't make a meatloaf again until fall but Paula's recipe sounds wonderful.

  19. I have never seen that pan before. Brilliant and at a good price. I'm gonna have to search for one of those. That meatloaf looks amazing!!

  20. When my husband and I worked on the fire department, the men were great cooks but especially where meatloaf was concerned. We would cut up bread and butter pickles to put inside the meatloaf and lots of brown sugar. OMG And it never tasted like PICKLES. It just blended into the flavor.

  21. Drats. I meant to add that the meatloaf was made exactly like yours, but the pickles and brown sugar were also added.

    sorry for the confusion.


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