Monday, April 16, 2012

Pig Alert!

Hey everyone! Guess what I saw in this month's Country Living Magazine- Piggy banks!

Earl says he's not surprised pigs are such a collectable, 
after all, folks have always wanted to live "high on the hog"...
Definition of High on the Hog:
The source of this phrase is often said to be the fact that the best cuts of meat on a pig come from the back and upper leg and that the wealthy ate cuts from 'high on the hog', while the paupers ate belly pork and trotters.
Pork belly... isn't that... BACON? That's quite the delicacy, says this pauper:@)

Have a happy day!


  1. Those are some unique piggy banks. I think I prefer Earl!

  2. Snort! If bacon is lowbrow then count me in. Love the banks but Earl has them all beat.

  3. Country Living is just catching up with what you have known all along. Pigs are the cutest ever!!!!!


  4. Watch out Earl someone may want to add you to their collection! I've been seeing some pretty cute pigs out there but none as special as Earl. Oh I'll take Bacon anytime! Hugs, Linda

  5. Very cute! And I learned something new - I love exploring the origins of expressions :-)

  6. Pigs are so cute! It's easy to want to add to a collection or start a new one.

  7. Who Knew that ONE DAY the Piggy Bank would be worth MORE than it's contents! I LOVE the gold and green ones BEST! Earl is looking "Cute as a Button" with his little chef hat!
    Great article, and it made ME SMILE!
    I wish I had OUR OLD piggies now!
    Hugs to you,

  8. Saturday I saw some awesome, great big, piggy banks at TJ Maxx and thought of you!

  9. I was thinking about you on Good Friday when I was in a restaurant that had a HUGE pig on display. (oh my gosh I meant that in the nicest possible way)
    He was so gorgeous and looked like the one in the lower left of your picture. It was up on the bar and had to be 3 feet tall at least.

  10. I saw that in CL. We say "high on the hog" all the time here even though it's not happening to us.

  11. Hahahahaha! Earl had to be so proud! LOL

    I did not know where that expression came from, so I learned something today. Thanks!

    Loved seeing your pretty white cake, too, with the 3-D decorations. Cool effect!!


  12. Lynn,
    I just saw this too! And immediately thought of YOU!

  13. I had a piggy bank that you had to break once it was filled.
    I love bacon the best of all the pork products.

  14. I thought of you when I read that article! Cute, but yours really are better!

  15. I just read and saw those pics in my Country Living last night and thought of Earl, too!!

  16. I just finished reading mine, thought of you ! Just got that nag., 5 bucks for a year, not bad!

  17. Hi Lynn and Earl,
    I had a piggy bank when I was child. They are never out of fashion.
    best greeetings, Johanna


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