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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday-A Sharpie In The Kitchen

Hey everyone! Time for another colorful:@) Works for Me Wednesday idea...

I always keep a Sharpie in the kitchen and use it for dating things:
  • Write the date you open jars and bottles on the label of them. Trust me, you might be surprised to find out exactly how long that jar of horseradish has been in the fridge!
  • Write the name of the meal and date you made it on masking tape and stick it to the bowl lid of the items you're placing in the freezer.
  • Have a FoodSaver? Write directly on the bags with a Sharpie.
  • Lock & Lock Bowls-Write a number on the bottom of the bowl and the same number on the lid, it helps make matching them up easier.
  • Write the name and date that you canned an item on the lid. How old is that jar of pickles you just found in the corner of the cabinet? Trying to remember...did I even can pickles last summer???
A Sharpie=97¢ at Walmart, not making your family sick... priceless.

Any more Sharpie ideas?
Have a happy day:@)


  1. I do the same thing, only mine is black. I need to go out and color my world with some fun colors.

  2. I do love all the fun colors. AND I wish this would work for me..but I can't keep ANY writing utensil...they ALL grow legs and run off. EVERY...SINGLE...ONE. They head for the kids rooms!

  3. Another great idea. I never leave here empty handed. I always have a new recipe or kitchen tip to add to my collection. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Do love my sharpies and now they come in fun colors and various sizes.

    Come visit to see the sneak peak of my first giveaway.

  5. We are big sharpie fans here! Label your spices! You will be amazed at how many years a jar of garlic powder can otherwise sit in the pantry! Linda

  6. Love my sharpies! I need to get better at it. I also love to date my mascara (not that I wear much make up mind you).
    Always the best ideas! hugs, Linda

  7. Love all the colors! I use the mini's, too. You have such great ideas.

  8. Good one Lynn. I use the fine point writing pens that come in several colors for writing cards, calendars, etc. They are ALL I use!

  9. Great ideas. So much easier than trying to remember. I think I need to write the date on my mascara, too. I always seem to forget that one.

  10. I also use a black one to touch up black paint here and there.

  11. Love your post. I'm a Sharpie fan as well.
    Thanks for your visit.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Ladybug Creek

  12. what a great idea. i love sharpieS!

  13. Sharpies are great! And they last forever.....
    I use them in the kitchen too. Have also used them on the lids of pet treat jars to specify how FEW treats people should give any one in particular at one time.

  14. I do all this and .....
    when we have a crowd and are doing RED SOLO CUPS, we write our names on them..:))

  15. I love Sharpies around too, but I must confess, I mostly just use black in the kitchen. Guess I need to venture out in the Sharpie department. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message.

  16. I didn't know they came in so many colors. I used to be a health inspector and would have LOVED to see more restaurants do this.

  17. Pretty colored Sharpies always disappear in my kitchen - which worries me because they are permanent. But I doooo love them.

  18. I am with you - a Sharpie in the kitchen, in the food storage room, in the office, in the master bathroom! I even labeled my iphone charger with my sharpie - just so others don't steal it!
    Oh, and I also use it to label dishes and pans that I take over to someone's house so they know where to return it! Have a sharp day!

  19. Love the Sharpies too. We have a set for lots of little projects. Kids love them too and they spend lots of time drawing with them. Thus, a good babysitter!!! Smile.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  20. Great idea! I have kept a Sharpie in the kitchen for years!!

  21. Great idea. I think I'll color-cordinate my Sharpies to my kitchen decor!!


  22. Very good idea, Lynn. Have a glorious wknd! And St. Paddy's Day!
    blessings, Beth


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