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Monday, October 4, 2010

Went Junking!

Hey everyone! I hit a flea market Saturday morning, temps were in the low 60's and it was beautiful out!
I didn't get much but just had to have this string of fun lights!
I love the colored tinsel around the bulbs! I don't know how old they are but the bulbs aren't the standard push-in type we all know, they actually have two prongs that get pushed into the holder! I got this string, and a plain string with the same bulbs (for replacements!) for $1.

I really thought the colors would be fun for my Halloween tree! Of course the wire is green, not white, and I'm sure you know how hard it is to add a string of lights after the tree is set up... But, I'm enjoying them!

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  1. I love your Halloween Tree! I wish you had shown a picture of the full tree. Is it a big tree? How neat!! The lights are perfect for it!

  2. The weather is perfect for favorite past-time. hugs♥olive

  3. Lynn, I was impressed you do a Halloween tree and now you are adding lights after the fact. LOL

    Glad you had fun ~ sarah

  4. Those lights are really neat! I like all the tinsel added to your Halloween decorations!


  5. Love, love, love the lights!!! Your Halloween tree is just darling!

  6. how vintage looking! they look great on your halloween tree. this weekend i hope to get the rest of my stuff out, b/c i have a tree, too!

  7. I love your lights just full of cuteness!! :))

    When all the Halloween stuff goes on sale after the holiday, I am going to buy some things to make a HALLOWEEN TREE for next year. Thanks to you for the cute inspiration. I saw one today that is cute, too..small tree branches, sprayed black with orange lights and cute little decorations....

  8. Oh those lights were an awesome find! I would have snatched them up as well!!

  9. OOOOOH, glitzy lights. I would have picted them up too!

  10. How fun and sparkly! I would love to see the whole tree too like the person above. I just love to see what creative people are whipping up.
    So fun this blogland is!!

  11. How much fun is that? Too cute, love the tree!

  12. A Halloween tree? Okay? I am sensing a takeover in decorating. I see Easter egg trees, Christmas trees and now Halloween trees already.
    What next? Valentine tree, Thanksgiving tree. Oh I get the feeling you are already planning those too.
    What fun.

  13. Lynn the new strand of lights is a fun addition to your Halloween tree. It looks great!

    I'm looking forward to your Pumpkin Party. La

  14. I love your Halloween tree. I think I might have to find one also and do it up for the grandchildren. Your lights are perfect and you are right, the tinsel adds movement and color. Char

  15. They will look great on your tree!
    Your name is in the poem tonight!

  16. Those lights are a hoot! I think they will give sparkle to anything fun year round. I enjoy seeing the fabulous things you find when you are on the hunt.

  17. ...well at least you came away with something~

  18. So looks really cute!


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