Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Mr. Grinch Spritz Cookies -And Original Mirro Christmas Trees Recipe

I have to say I  L~O~V~E this idea folks:@) I used a gingerbread man disc and made some Mr. Grinch Spritz Cookies. Whether heading to the movie theater for the latest release or snuggling up on the couch with a cup of cocoa to watch the TV classic, these cookies are sure to be a hit! I've seen a lot of Grinch variations out there, most are like a green crinkle cookie with a red heart decoration... My little men bring the theme home just a tad more.

Pinching the top of the head gives them a pointier, better look.
And I tried both of my gingerbread discs...

Now, full disclosure, not all of the cookies turned out perfect, some puffed up, some little legs got too dark, etc... 

But the green food coloring and big red heart lets everyone know these cookies are all about Grinchy fun.
~Remember, things don't have to be perfect to bring a smile to a child's face:@)

Used my battery operated thrifted Super Shooter for the light green ones (which works great-"thank you" to whoever donated it!),
with the gingerbread man disc from a set I picked up on Ebay.
And a gifted disc from Impress Bakeware for the darker green cookies. Unfortunately we can't get that disc right now, but maybe in 2019.

I started with the original Mirro recipe, used half butter, half shortening. 
Also subbed vanilla for the almond extract and omitted the baking powder.
Bake 9-12 minutes or until bottoms are golden brown.
I typed the recipe out here, in case it's easier to read:@)


  1. You are so clever! Hope you get to see the movie.

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I don't use shortening in anything any more. I either use lard or butter. I'll have to experiment with the substitutions in the original recipe. Probably have to cut the fat to 3/4 cup. I'll keep the almond extract as that's what my family likes.

  3. So cute!! The grinch has been a household favorite movie since my daughter was 2! We watch all the versions every year! These cookies would be so much fun to have!

  4. The cookies are so cute, Lynn! They sure brought a smile to my face. I still have my original Mirro pamphlet that came with my cookie press (that broke) that's probably 40+years old.

  5. cute just right for a Grinch movie!

  6. Those are so cute. I am so happy you put the original Mirro recipe. I inherited Mom's old press which met it's demise a while back and I did not keep the recipes. (yep it was a stupid move)

  7. Lynn, These are too cute and put a big smile on my face! My pricey prelit tree malfunctioned after only 3 years and I've been struggling with lights, fuses and a lightkeeper pro (which didn't help) so I've been feeling a little Grinchy. A cookie or three would make me feel better. ♥

  8. I love the Grinch and these cookies are so fun!

  9. Oh, I'm so sad. When I saw your cute Grinch cookies I ran to a vintage cookie press I picked up in a thrift shop in the Lancaster area a few months ago. To my disappointment there is no gingerbread man disk. A camel and butterfly along with the others but no gingerbread man. Your cookies are adorable!


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