Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday Snippets -Decals and Wraps for Instant Pot, Kitchen Aid Mixers and Other Kitchen Toys -Gift Ideas

I'm going to say something profound here... Ready? The internet is the black hole of time. Just sayin'... The minute something catches my eye, that leads me to other things that are equally as much fun. I happened to see a black and white buffalo checked wrap for the Instant Pot HERE and immediately thought of all my Courtly Check loving friends. But when I clicked on the site, that design must have been sold out. ~But~ that led me to these really fun decals HERE for everything from slow cookers to stand mixers. There are many designs and sayings to choose from and some are hilarious!

Know a guy that loves to cook? How about a cool silicone dragon head to help redirect the steam from the pressure cooker HERE! I see dolphins, wolves, tigers and hippos on the site too. The only thing to remember is, you will need to know what model of Instant Pot they have to get the correct one. **UPDATE** Sorry, I just saw that they cannot guarantee Christmas delivery. Contact site to confirm stock and delivery date.

Back to the site selling decorated wraps HERE... Cute!!! There are lots of designs from year-round to seasonal:@)

Have a Christmas tree in the kitchen? HERE.

This site HERE sells sewn covers for all sorts of kitchen appliances!

So there you have it folks, just a few fun ideas for Christmas gifts.
Let me know if you see something cool I missed and have a happy day:@)

PS-I have no affiliation with any of these Etsy shops or products. 
Just trying to help folks with gift ideas:@)


  1. These are great gifts for the cook who has almost everything!

  2. Those are so cute, Lynn! I finally broke down and bought myself an Instant Pot, and used it the other night. I'd love to get a fun wrap. I've seen pretty ones for the Kitchen Aid mixer, too. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  3. haha,I love the eat it or starve!! Darn it about the black and white checked one!! I still don't have an instapot, I feel like such a dinosaur!

  4. Too fun Lynn, what a hoot! I'm with Jenna on the instant pot. ;)


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