Friday, December 16, 2016

Nestle's (Melted Chips) Chocolate Spritz

I've had good luck making spritz cookies that call for melted chocolate (there's a great white chocolate one here), the dough is a nice consistency and they stick to the sheets well. I saved this Nestle's Chocolate Spritz recipe as soon as I saw it on Pinterest and highly recommend it! This is a pretty addition to the cookie tray and a very nice chocolate cookie folks:@)

Tips: I chilled the dough 15 minutes in the fridge, formed the cookies and then chilled the sheets for 15 minutes. They held their shape well. I did bake my cookies longer, maybe 8-9 minutes, they will harden more upon cooling. Let the cookies sit on the sheets for a couple minutes once out of the oven before transferring to the cooling rack.
If you're craving a chocolate spritz and only have cocoa powder handy there's a nice recipe here.

Happy Holiday Baking Everyone:@)


  1. There sure are some good recipes to try! Happy baking! Hugs, Diane

  2. Now these look really festive and yummy. I want some with my coffee please!

  3. I used your egg nog spritz recipe today, I cannot eat sugar, but the reviews so far are good. I will have to try your chocolate recipe, I have not been able to find one that doesn't turn out tasting like a brownie. So far my made up recipe I improvised yesterday has been the closest to (good). My all time favorite recipe is cream cheese, Next baking day I want to try the jello spritz also.

    1. Wow, they sound amazing! Thanks for sharing the link-Happy Christmastime:@)

  4. I don't think I've ever tasted a chocolate spritz, Lynn, but I'm wanting to try them after seeing yours. Thanks for sharing, and they look so festive!

  5. I love spritz cookies, but I've never had them with chocolate. They look awesome!

  6. Hopefully I'll dust off my spritz press next year---I'm going to check out your white chocolate version. That sounds amazing, too!

  7. So pretty and really sound good! Merry Christmas!

  8. Love your chocolate spritz trees with red and green sprinkles Lynn...a perfect Christmas cookie!


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