Saturday, May 28, 2022

ReView: BBQ Frozen Green Beans with Bacon & Barbie Summer Tops from Ribbon

Well folks, it's Memorial Day Weekend and you know what that means, it's the unofficial start of... Grilling Season:@) And while we all love burgers and other proteins on the grill, let's make sure we serve a veggie or two so we don't lose our Mom Card! These Green Beans with Bacon and BBQ Sauce go really well with just about any meal, and they're extra convenient because they start with readily available frozen beans. 

And let's get Barbie ready for the warm summer weather
by creating a cute, No-Sew Summer Top from Ribbon.
Easy-peasy and you might already have some ribbon in your crafting stash:@)
There are two options, please stop by DIY Barbie Blog to see how I made them.

Thank you to all who have served!
Enjoy Your Weekend:@)


  1. My goodness, those beans look yummy!!

  2. You're speaking Bill's love language here: bacon and BBQ sauce! A perfect side for Memorial Day!!!

  3. Yum Lynn, my guys would love these beans! Cute ribbon tops too!

  4. I’m going to check out those beans and Barbies cute tops. Happy Memorial Day to you, Lynn.


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