Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Snippets-Cute Glitter Pumpkins, Mixed Vegetable Jell-O(?) and, um... I'm melting...

Dollar Tree alert! They have some really cute Baby Boo size glittered pumpkins, I saw gold and copper colors. Also grabbed a roll of pumpkin ribbon while it was there. That will be good for either crafting or tying onto gift bags of treats for Halloween or Thanksgiving. It's coming folks, I'm just sayin'...

The three year old in me is tickled by Jello and especially old ads and flavors. However...
The three year old in me would have been horrified by the "vegetable" flavors that came out in the 50's!
(Although I will say, as far as the "salad recipes" go, this one is kinda pretty.)

And while we're talking about Jello and bad ideas... I shared this pig mold waaaay back when I started blogging:@)
This would bump Aunt Gertie's Holiday Jello Salad up a notch or two...

And I'll just end with this, I know we're all dealing with it.

Try to stay cool and have a happy day:@)


  1. celery jello...ha! you're definitely in the fall mood. we got rain last night and expected more for the next week with highs only in high 80s! wooo weeee!!!

  2. Lynn, It's so hot that Jello would melt and leave those veggies in a puddle! Thanks for the glitter pumpkin alert <|:>)

  3. Thanks for the glitter pumpkins alert, Lynn, and the roll of ribbon, too. When I saw the jello, I thought of the perfection salad (I think that was the name) that my mom and aunt used to make. It had carrots, olives, pineapple, etc. in the jello. Did you ever have it? As for melting...we had rain the other evening and a cool down! Yippee!!!

  4. Vegetable jello, shudder! My MIL was famous {not in a good way} for her lime jello salad similar to the one in Christmas Vacation movie. I haven't been able to eat Jello since :) However, I do love pumpkin everything, I've got to go shopping! Hope your temps drop next week,


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