Thursday, June 30, 2016

4th of July Tree-2016

I had a few new additions and ideas for the 4th of July Tree this year. Couldn't wait to try tucking an old string of red, white and blue lights into the wire basket, it created a soft glow and really looks neat! I set the basket on a well worn Ralph Lauren flag placemat. Also used some old, very thin tinsel on the branches and loved the way a breeze gave the tree a little sparkle and movement.

New ~thrift store~ ornaments included the flag balls and of course the parachuting Santa.
(Good pictures were a little hard to get this year, but this is how the tree looks today.) 

An earlier pic-standing tall, patriotic and perky.

So that's my little tree for 2016. 

There's always a chance I'll add to it if I find something fun...

Like right now these little cupcake toppers are calling to me saying they'd like to be crafted into RW&B ornaments... 
We'll see:@)

Happy ~nice long~ 4th of July Weekend everyone-enjoy!


  1. i like how you make your own joy. :)

  2. It is so cute. I would love a little tree like that to decorate!! Happy 4th of July!!

  3. Hi Lynn!! I can't believe that we are approaching 4th of july already. Looks like a stopped by at the perfect time, I am loving your patriotic tree!!!!! Happy 4th of july

  4. You American realy go to town with all these decoration of the 3 July. very colourful

  5. Your tree is so cute Lynn! Have a Happy three-day 4th of July Weekend!

  6. Ha! The parachuting Santa is too cute! I have been anxiously awaiting this grand reveal Lynn, and you don't disappoint, it's fabulous festive fun!! LOVE the new star spangled ball ornaments, and so brilliant to put your tree in a basket of red white and blue lights- I know you are ready for a relaxing weekend, happy 4th!

  7. Your tree looks beautiful, Lynn, and I like the size of it. Putting your tree in the wire, light-filled basket is my favorite part! Happy 4th of July weekend to you!

  8. Your festive patriotic tree makes me smile Lynn! I love the lights in the basket in the base of your tree and your cupcake toppers were transformed perfectly too! Wishing you a Happy Independence Day :)

  9. Pinning lots of your patriotic ideas! They are fun and perfect for honoring our military. ;)


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