Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin' Poncho for Barbie-Free Crochet Pattern

This Pumpkin Pickin' Poncho was the first thing that crossed my mind when I thought about making clothes for a Barbie Doll. Super simple, whips up in an hour or less, a girl can make it for herself and the crazy eyelash trim just makes it fun! (You might need to help with that though.) The bottom embellishment is optional, anything goes:@)

And since every girl should have options...
Here's one with black trim and a different hat:@)

Or maybe turn the poncho into a Jack-O-Lantern with yarn or buttons...
Full disclosure: this photo was edited to show you how the J-O-L idea could look.

Joann Fabric sells a fun button set:

Ch=chain, SC=single crochet, DC=double crochet, SCDR=single crochet decrease

Pumpkin Picking Poncho-I used an H hook
Everything is worked into the back stitch.
Chain 20, slip stitch into first hole.
R1~*SC next 3 holes, SCDR next 2 holes, repeat from *
R2~SC in back loop around (16 stitches)
R3~*3 SC in first hole, SC in next hole, repeat from *
R4~Ch3, DC around, slip stitch into original Ch3.
R5~(32 stitches) Ch 3, *DC in next 7 holes, 2 DC in 8th hole, repeat from *, slip stitch into original Ch3.
R6~Ch3, *DC in next 6 holes, 2 DC in 7th hole, repeat from *, slip stitch into original Ch3.
R7~Ch3, *DC in next 4 holes, 2 DC in 5th hole, repeat from *, join eyelash yarn (if using) on the last DC, slip stitch into original Ch3.
R8~Ch3, DC around using the eyelash yarn. Finish off and work in all ends.

The Hats: I used the Itty Bitty Hat Pattern HERE with an H hook-adorable!!! And made a cute little cap (which was a blooper from my first try at the Itty Bitty pattern... yes, following directions helps...) I think the fun trim makes Barbie the fanciest pumpkin picker in the patch!


  1. this girl has some serious fashion sense! :)

  2. Barbie is always a fashion plate! Great job and I love it!!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Cute! An Autumn Barbie! Love it! (Lynn, do you have a little girl you are crocheting for?) xo

  4. Adorable! I want one like that, do you make them in my size? :)

  5. Love it Lynn! Barbie has quite the wardrobe :)

  6. Oh how I would have loved to have a poncho for my Barbie when I was growing up! I love it!!!!

  7. This is adorable. I have limited crochet skills, couldn't sit still at mama's knee. Since I have a new and first granddaughter I think I will have to attempt this. The only think I am not sure is the SCDR.
    I am pinning. Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  8. OH MY GOSH, that is so adorable, Lynn! What a pumpkin picking fashion statement for Miss Barbie. You did a great job. xo

  9. ...just as cute as can be.
    Do you have a little girl somewhere that loves these cute clothes you are making??

  10. Your Barbie creations are so much fun. thanks for the inspiration and patterns!

  11. It's fun to dress up dolls.

  12. Barbie is so chic in her new pumpkin pickin' poncho. Too cute!

  13. Oh my Lynn! That poncho is adorable - I want one in my size!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  14. Hi, you did a great job crocheting the clothes for Barbie! I saw it on craft on maniac.
    Julie from

  15. Adorable! Can't wait to make one for one of the Barbie dolls in my own collection! Thanks for sharing the pattern, and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  16. What a fun pattern and great for a girl who wants to start making clothes for her Barbie other than the eyelash yarn but the poncho would still be cute without it.


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