Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Snippets-Playoff Prepping and Philadelphia Eagles Snowman Update

It's time for some serious football party prepping! I found these fun napkins and penalty flags marked down at Walmart last year, 10¢ each. The penalty flags got quite a workout with the season the Eagles had this year... just sayin'. Luckily they just bounce off the TV:@)

Here are a few suggestions for easy and fun munchies:

And finally...
My little Eagles Army of Snowmen has been growing and I love it! 
They're fun because they come out at Thanksgiving and stay out until I've, um... had enough snow:@)
I found the little guy in the green jersey at the thrift store for $1-score!

Happy Weekend Everyone-stay warm:@)


  1. Cute snowmen! The food looks quite yummy! Bacon cheeseburger meatballs! Gotta try those!

  2. You're so fun, Lynn! The food looks great and the snowmen are adorable.

  3. Penalty flags? I've never seen those but I need those when I root for the Dallas Cowboys! heehee! Love your football goodies! Hugs!

  4. Happy those penalty flags didn't hurt your tv! The appetizers look great and the snowmen are so cute!

  5. My family will be too nervous to eat during the game, but these would be perfect for a post game (being very hopeful!) celebration. Love those penalty flags!!

  6. Great spread! Love your snowman army! Those penalty flags are hilarious, what fun! We aren't getting the game here, boo hoo, so I'll have my fingers crossed for you and read about it in the am, good luck!

  7. I can't say I'm really into football, but those crabby tots sure have my name on them. Can you please flag them for me?

  8. Adorable team of Eagle snowmen Lynn, love your team spirit! Great football spread too with my favorite foods in the league represented :)


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