Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Table Centerpiece

When I take down the Christmas decorations I bring out some snowmen. They add a little fun to winter and I even found a few for my tired tray this year:@) The little one on top is a salt and pepper shaker, his head holds the pepper and body salt. Lovin' the great snowman spinner from HomeGoods a couple years ago, and a couple frosty trees add to the scene. Normally there would be a few small oranges or apples on the tray too, but I, um... ate them.

The bottom tier has my thrift store snowman holding some mints and a Dollar Tree snowflake candle holder.
You can tell we're into the new year... All most of the candy has been replaced with tomatoes and/or healthier snacks:@)

And this really fun table runner brings even more cheer!

Keep smilin' through the cold and have a happy day:@)


  1. I love your festive and cheery snowman centerpiece Lynn! Your snowman runner is adorable, you can't help but smile :)

  2. I do the same, except I hate to encourage snow anything :) The snowman runner and spinner make me smile!

  3. That snowman runner just put a smile on my face, Lynn! You can't be gloomy in January when you look at that. Your tiered tray is functional and cute. The s & p snowman is adorable, and the snowman spinner must be fun to watch. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Snowmen in January just make me smile. Love that tiered tray!

  5. I love snowmen--both real and decorative!!


  6. Doesn't a tiered stand lend an elegant "anything goes' air to a table? I've popped in and out of several of yours just now, with the changes of season and holiday, and they're all just right for the moment---so warm and welcoming.

    Chris came home last night with an enormous carton of grape tomatoes, and a good-sized box (remember those hard-plastic corsage boxes for special occasions?) of the most beautiful little cherry tomatoes, all still strung down their own fresh stems, lying there like dewy orchids ready for the prom. I'm conjuring all sorts of little pretties out of those right now.

    Stay well and warm,


  7. Great idea to use snowmen for post Christmas cheer around the house! Another fun collection.

  8. Hi, I just found your blog and was happy to see that you're from PA and in my neck of the woods....yeah!

  9. I have some snowmen on display too :) They do bring some post holiday cheer to the home, Lynn!

  10. What a perfect wintery table! Love this.


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