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Friday, December 28, 2012

Clip-On Bird Ornaments

I've collected clip-on bird ornaments for my Christmas tree for years now, I'd say I have at least 60 and look for more every year. I love that while most ornaments hang under the branches these little beauties go on top of the branches, it just adds another level of decoration to the tree. It's hard to get pretty pics of the tree but I thought I'd try to share a few of my birds.
And maybe one green elf piggy bank my son gave me:@)

None of the birds are very expensive and I don't have any vintage ones, but they are all different.

Off topic-See the dapper Radko Cupie in the upper right? He was from 1999 turning into 2000, 
he's hiding a bottle of champagne behind his back. I put him on a spinner.

I like to try to find birds with different material for tails, love the shiny tinsel.
The silver and green bird is only 1 1/2" long.
Love the extra long beak on the gold bird below.

These red birds have the neatest little glass bead on the end of their beaks, very fragile.
See the green spinner in the lower left? 
It spins by the heat from the lights rising, it's a great way to add motion to the tree.
So there are a few of my birds, I wanted to try to get some pics before they flew back into the boxes...

Oh, anyone remember my after season clearance birds from last year? HERE
This is how I finally decided to make the tails, with these fun toothpicks from Walmart!
Shown with an animated Santa, he starts down in the stocking...

And slowly rises... Peek-A-Boo!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. Loving the clip on birds! ... and the little green pig :)

  2. Love the birds! What a sweet tree

  3. I love all your clip on birds! I have a few birds similar to yours, and some wooden ones that attach to the branches with wire at their feet. You are so right... having ornaments perch on the branches really helps to fill out the tree. And I LOVE a fully decorated tree. Cute green piggy, too!

  4. Wonderful collection, Lynn! My mother was adding to her bird family at a clearance sale yesterday. I have one peacock, but he stays in the box until our new kitten is older. Thank you for sharing your birds. I especially love the variety of the tails!

  5. Your birds look so pretty on your tree Lynn. And they sound much easier to hang than standard Christmas ornaments. I think it's fun to collect Christmas ornaments to build your collection.

    Wishing you and your family a very healthy and happy new year.

  6. I have a bird ornament collection too. Not so many as you--maybe 20. Love them! I also have a collection of Radko 1999 ornaments that I bring out of New Year's. Guess I'd better get busy with that.


  7. You have such a wonderful and interesting collection of birds! I have a few clip on birds and also love how they sit on top of the branches. I just adore the tail you made for your clearance birds. That was very clever and so cute too!

  8. First of all, love that you use the old fashioned lightbulbs!!!! I am trying to use mine every year on my house but it's getting hard to find bulb replacements. I love the birds, I have some but they are vintage--I look at every antique store for them year-round. Have a great weekend.

  9. beautiful ~! love the clip on birds and how they sit so sweetly on the branches

  10. You know I love birds, Lynn, these ornaments are beautiful. Waiting on USPS to make a delivery. ;-) xo

  11. i like your flock of clippy birds!

  12. Lynn I love the clip on birds! I have a couple but your tree is lovely with your flock! Makes me want to search for more of them. Love the green! What does EARL say about it?
    hugs, Linda

  13. How pretty Lynn, very old-fashioned - which I love! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

  14. How fun! My little flock of birds reside in a garland! Isn't fun to collect things over the years...such memories.

  15. I love your clip-on bird ornaments! Your tree is lovely!

  16. Your tree looks lovely, Lynn! I love your animated Santa as well as your birds! May 2013 be a year of peace, joy, hope, and good health for you and your family.

  17. Hi there! I'm new here, clicked over from Chatty Crone. Everything looks so beautiful! I am going to keep you in mind when the day comes that I finally go through my mother's Christmas stuff. She loved those clip on birds too and I'd bet I'll be able to add a bunch of vintage ones to your collection! Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! :)

    1. Aw, I would treasure and be honored to display your Mother's ornaments:@)

  18. Awwww, I love your clip on birdies and all the other fun ones, too. I especially like the peek-a-boo Santa. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

  19. Okay you have a great camera that takes beautiful photos. I love your decorations = all of them.

  20. Your tree is lovely. My cats would love your birds.

  21. Lynn, your birdies are charming. What a cute idea! ~ Sarah

  22. Lovely collection, Lynn! Your birdies are so pretty. I really like clip-ons when there's no room for a hanging ornament.

  23. Hi Lynn, I LOVE your bird collection of clip-ons! I have a few--white glittery withe poofy tails, and one that looks like a quail but has a pheasant tail. But I love them all. I scatter mine around the house on plants and ribbons, but the effect of them all on your tree is beautiful. Hope Santa was good to you. Linda

  24. Lynn~ I love your collection of clip-on birds and am THRILLED you were so generous to share one with ME! I have the same Radko mini ornament that commemorates the new millinneum :) I'm slow to take my tree down this year, it's my project this week... The house looks naked without it and I love the glow of the lights at night :)


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