Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday ReView: Halloween Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies and $1 Store Pumpkin Topiary

These Halloween Crinkle Cookies from a cake mix are a super easy way to whip up a little holiday fun! You can go all-out scary and use a red mix for eyeballs or for a more... "Happy" Halloween version, add a little food coloring to create an orange and green variegated cookie. Either way, be sure to get the kids involved, let's encourage a little spooky fun in the kitchen:@) As with all of my Saturday ReView posts, clicking the links will take you to my original post for details.

1. It uses a recycled k-cup as the base, that's always a win in my book!
2. You can make at least two from $2, with extra items leftover for another project.
3. It comes together in no time.
4. It's the perfect size for Barbie dioramas and doll play, ~and/or~ it can be used anywhere in the house as a seasonal accent right through Thanksgiving.

🎃Make something just for fun and have a happy weekend:@)


  1. Wow, spooky cookies Lynn, they look great! I love Barbie's topiary too, very clever!

  2. I love the creepy eyeball cookies. Crinkle cookies with cake mix are one of my favorites. Your topiary for Barbie turned out cute. 🎃


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