Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday ReView: Funfetti Zucchini Cake and Two-Sided Decorative Pillows for Barbie

I have a couple more new zucchini posts ready for this year but wanted to share a "sweet" idea from the archives... This Funfetti Zucchini Cake is a great way to use up an extra zuke and since we're adding colorful sprinkles, you don't even have to peel it if you don't want to! This makes a moist cake and the sprinkles just make it fun:@)

And how about a little Christmas in July fun... I wanted to share an easy idea to add a quick seasonal and holiday flare to doll play, pictures and dioramas... When making a throw pillow, use a different design for each side. Here I used my gifted Barbie profile print on the left, and when you flip the pillow... Santa! They can be any shape, round, square or rectangular. This also works if you'd like to have different color options, or stripes and checks, etc. Barbie says a girl can never have too many decorating options!
Double the look for half the storage space😉
My best suggestion: A stuffed square is always the best bet.
Round two sided pillow tutorial.

Do you like Christmas in July?
I love it!
🎅🌴Have a jolly weekend everyone, stay cool:@)


  1. Now THAT is a recipe I will use for my 4 year old granddaughter. She's obsessed with sprinkles. I love the name "power sugar"

  2. PS thank you for your added recipe notes about half quantities and different pan sizes. I often find the cake is too big for me.

  3. grated zucchini adds so much moisture to baked goods, I know this cake has to be really good! Barbie's pillows are soooo cute!!

  4. We are pulling our zucchini plants up tomorrow. They were prolific but now are spent. I still have enough zucchini to make this cake though!

  5. I like your idea of adding zucchini and sprinkles to the cake, Lynn. Barbie’s pillow is so cute!

  6. Now that's how I enjoy my zucchini :) Love Barbie's pillow ♥


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