Thursday, October 1, 2015

Philadelphia Eagles Charm Bracelet Update

I wanted to pop in with a quick post to update my Philadelphia Eagles Charm Bracelet. It's full enough now that finding an occasional charm is a fun bonus. Since this pic I've added a tiny Liberty Bell near the flag and I'm waiting for what I think might be my favorite charm to come in the mail.
 And if we don't make the playoffs... I'll be sending Chip Kelly an invoice:@)

Go Team and have a happy day!


  1. So far, da Bears are not making me want a charm bracelet! However, I do love yours. I had a silver one many, many years ago that is long gone. I don't even see charms anymore but, obviously, you know where to find them.


  2. Love how full your bracelet is getting Lynn! I hope your soon-to-be-new-favorite charm and the Eagles don't disappoint :)

  3. I had a charm bracelet ions ago and I sold it in an estate sale. I love yours Lynn.

  4. So cute. I love how a charm bracelet sounds

  5. Your charm bracelet is getting so full, Lynn! I hope it brings you and the Eagles good luck.

  6. So fun! I can't believe how many charms you've found, really cute Lynn~

  7. I think I need to start a Packers' version for Katie. She'd love it!!

  8. Well I don't follow football but if it gets you some bling I say why not!!
    I was given a Pandora bracelet from some coworkers when I just retired and I am looking forward to adding to it. I haven't worn my old charm bracelet in years but I think I should pull it out again. It was too much to wear when my arms were up against my desk at work all day long.

  9. That's quite a bracelet, Lynn. I don't see Earl! He's not a fan?


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