Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Snippets-Planter Update and Thrifty Bling

I'm gonna tell it like it is folks, my planters were not happy this year. Thankfully the string beans grew or I'd really be bummed! My first mistake was buying raised bed soil, even though I mixed it with manure, potting soil and the dirt from the old planter I think water still drained too quickly. My second mistake was planting green bean seeds before the cucumber plants had a chance to grow up the trellis... They are scrawny little things hiding in the back. The beans are maturing and I'll probably pull this first round of plants around July 4th, hopefully the cukes will get some size before the next seeds grow.
The tomatoes were taken out of the pots and put in a small garden I turned over. I told them they're on their own from here on out:@) The squash on the left is a yellow scalloped type and if you ever get the chance to grow some I think you'll find it very meaty and good! You'll want to pick them 1" to 3", no bigger.

Found some green bling in the $1 bin at Walmart-love it! I just hooked the beads together to make a cluster. The big "pearl" dangle on the right is from a set of earrings I found at the thrift store, it's a great size and I like the shiny black and gray bead on top. It's amazing how quickly the bracelet is filling up.

It's a damp, rainy weekend here in Philly, the kind that has me pulling out the pressure cooker instead of firing up the grill... 
I hope it's a nice one where you are!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. i like your continued bling collection. sorry about the garden pots, tho!

    very humid here and warm. overcast and muggy.

  2. Seed raising mix is always very sandy here and won't hold water but as our soil is mostly clay my plants die when I plant them out mostly.

  3. Wet here too, and though I was out today, I'm ready to curl up on the sofa and veg a bit. Your bracelet is filling up nicely. What fun!

  4. Hi Lynn, We desperately need some rain here, although I've just seen online that possible severe thunderstorms are forecast here overnight. The temp. was 95 today, predicted to be 98 tomorrow and 99 Monday. Whew! It's miserable!

    I'm sorry your planters aren't doing well; you had such productive ones last year. I'm still trying to plant the rest of my flowers; it's too hot outside for man or beast. ;) I love yellow squash, but I've never tried the scalloped kind. It's pretty though. :) Love your charm bracelet, especially all the Philly football charms and I love the American flag charm, too. I hope you have a nice, restful day tomorrow Lynn.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. We live and learn. I'm so glad to have caught your post---I've been so far behind.

    Jane x

  6. Sorry to hear your planters aren't happy. I nearly did in my planters on the front porch! Cleaning and purging the garage, I came across a gallon water jug about a quarter full. Not to waste it I poured it into both planters. Returning the cap I smelled vinegar. Yup my daughter stored it in the unmarked water jug. Even after flooding the planter with fresh water the plants in the back half quickly wilted and died. On top of that, my huge and beautiful white snowball hydrangeas were beaten by the storms we've had and they're stems are bent :( well, the grass is nice and green :)

  7. Too bad about the planters, Lynn, but hopefully the tomatoes like their new spot and will produce some for you. Those yellow squash are the prettiest little things, and you need some cucumbers for salads and pickles. The bracelet is looking good and hopefully will bring you good luck.
    Happy Sunday to you and I hope the weather improves for you to get that grill going soon.

  8. My garden is a disaster Lynn, I've got zucchini growing in my begonias, and a snake got stuck in the netting around my vegetables and thrashed around killing everything...Enjoy your squash bounty!! Hopefully you'll get some beans for the 4th. Your bracelet is looking great! It's a sweltering humid 95 here in B'ham, so enjoy the coolness!

  9. Love your bracelet, Lynn! The tiny squash are cute and so glad you are enjoying them. Enjoy your beans and cucumbers too. I picked kohlrabi and blueberries today. Very, very hot here.
    Hugs, Beth

  10. We've had so much rain that I haven't killed my garden yet! Thank goodness the rain held off during the day so we could grill for Father's Day. I'd love to grow some of that yellow squash---but my garden is so small :(

  11. Lynn, I just came in from watering all my pots, it's a daily event with our heat and no rain, please send us some if you can! I bought some heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market on Saturday, they were a huge disappointment and flavorless. I wonder now if they were hot house or shipped in since it's probably a tad early. Hope all your veggies behave from here on out :)


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