Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Snippets -Easter

It's so nice to see signs of spring and warmer weather, they're calling for 64 and sunny on Easter Sunday here in Philly. I took a walk around the yard trying to get pics of the flowers that are blooming right now, it was rainy and over cast yesterday and there's full bright sunshine today!
and early daffs.
I inherited these when I bought this house, they bloom in the 3rd or 4th week of March.

I've always been tickled by the idea of growing cat grass inside of eggs for Easter. Plan A was to use real egg shells but it didn't take long for me to change over to using colored plastic eggs instead-that lack of patience thing... It took about 5 days for the grass to sprout and it grew at an amazing rate! It was trimmed on Friday and needs it again. The main lesson I learned is, each seed will produce one blade of grass. So, if this sounds like a fun project to you and you want lush green grass, use lots of seeds:@)

And I'll leave you with a holiday sighting:
I saw the Easter Bunny! He looks rather well fed doesn't he??? 
Tell the kids not to worry, I'm sure he'll be at their house soon...
I did "shooooo" him right on down the bunny trail (and away from my pea plants:@)

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone-
Eat much, stay safe and play nice!


  1. he spring flowers are lovely and the bunny. I saw a Hare today, so you think that counts? HAPPY EASTER.

  2. Those bunnies are sure busy this year! We have one who divides it's time between living under our front deck and the backyard shed. Our oldest sin's little rat terrier loves that bunny and sits quietly with it somedays! Hee Hee...the other dogs would like that bunny for lunch because they have the hunters blood but I am very careful with them. I have seen the bunny run like mad through two feet of snow crossing the road this winter. Fortunately the lil bunny loves all the weeds popping up near his/her favorite hangouts! I sure love your pretty flowers. Good thing the deer are not roaming in your yard! Happy Easter!

  3. cute little bunny. love your blooms, too. nice inheritance. :)

  4. Hi Lynn, Such a cute little Bunny Wabbit. :-D I love your inherited flowers!! I've never seen crocuses with that coloring, and they're beautiful! The first home we bought (in Greensboro) came with lots of wonderful flowers in the yard, and every spring I still miss them. We had a whole, big bank full of daffodils, narcissus, and on the side of the house we had bluebells (my fav) and tulips. I'm going to try and plant all those here eventually.

    Such a cute idea to grow the cat grass in Easter eggs -- thanks for sharing. I'm so glad for you that your weather is turning nice. It's been pretty and warm here, too. Have a great weekend, Lynn, and a blessed Easter!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. We are still waiting for all those "signs". Happy Easter to you!


  6. Beautiful pictures. I love the dew on the crocus--so pretty. It always amazes me how, after a harsh winter, nature bounces back. Glad it finally warmed up in your neck of the woods. I hope you have a wonderful, merry Easter.

  7. I love the pics of the flowers, Lynn, and your grass in the eggs. Hmmm...that bunny sure looks familiar. He looks like a cousin to one that visits my yard. I know my grandkids are waiting for his arrival.
    Happy Easter!!

  8. Lovely flowers. Lyn. And Such a cute Easter Bunny. Love the grass in the eggs. Happy Easter

  9. Beautiful flowers!!! Happy Easter! We have very few bunnies where we are, lots of other wildlife which can be problematic to the bunnies!!!

  10. Love your spring flowers, especially the daffodils. Happy Easter Lynn.

  11. Happy Easter Lynn! Hooray for spring flowers and temps in the 60s! Love your Easter bunny sighting :)

  12. Lynn, your spring flowers are just beautiful! Brilliant colors, loving the yellow and purple...ahhh!
    Happy Easter!

  13. Lynn, I love your spring flowers, they are so beautiful! Happy Easter to you!

  14. Lynn, I love your spring flowers, they are so beautiful! Happy Easter to you!

  15. Beautiful blooms Lynn, and what an adorable bunny! I bet he'd only eat a pea or glad to hear it's warming up!


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