Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday ReView -Stuck at Home Frugal Projects and Recipes...

Find yourself at home and looking to fill some spare time? Here are a few suggestions for projects and recipes that are frugal, most likely use items we have on-hand and offer comfort by either smelling wonderful for hours while cooking or simply help to keep our hands busy:@)

If you've been around PIM for a while, you know I ~love~ beans
One of my all time favorite recipes is Chalupa -otherwise known as Pork and Dry Pinto Beans:

After a couple weeks in the house you may have some apples that have seen better days...

Here in Philly the chives are just beginning to pop up, but I know they are further along in other areas,
here's a picture tutorial for planning a batch of Chive Blossom Vinegar:

Here's my quick version of a Recycled Jean Apron, more detailed tutorials can be found on-line.

And lastly...
You'll find lot's of silly little projects and ideas here at Pig In Mud.
Including free clothes patterns, recycling/repurposing ideas, holiday projects,
and scrolling through the blog might just be a fun way for them to kill a little time:@)

Please stay safe, stay sane, and have a happy day:@)


  1. Yes, there are so many wonderful things we can do while we are home! Mom always said people who are bored are boring people. Love your post!

  2. Great ideas Lynn! The chive blossom vinegar is so pretty! Now is the time to get creative, nothing like a fun project to keep distracted :)

  3. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite ideas while we are homebound, Lynn. I'm loving that cute apron, and I have yarn to make some dishcloths. Thank you!

  4. Apple butter sounds like a great stay at home project! And it will make the house smell SO good!!! I need to check my garden to see if the chives are popping up :)

  5. I'm doing a good job keeping calm and eating chocolatem, but I fear I am going to gain 10 pounds! My chives are popping up. So exciting! I still have chive vinegar from last spring that I need to start using.

  6. Oh, Lynn had applecider butter this morning on 1/2 a roasted sausage bun...hardly the chocolate thing is scary!


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