Saturday, December 8, 2018

Went Junkin' -Barbie Size Nativity and Kitschy Hard Plastic Christmas Candle Rings

As soon as I saw this old nativity ornament at the thrift store I knew it would be the perfect scale for Barbie:@) It's made of plastic with glass glitter and is marked Hong Kong on the side. It's a beautiful ornament and one I couldn't leave behind, especially for 50 cents!

Anyone remember these? Woolworth's maybe?
I have a soft spot for these kitschy old hard plastic Christmas decorations:@) So far I've found a great wreath, a glittered Merry Christmas plaque and this haul makes three candle rings. I just picked up two for $1 each. What I really love about this one is they used laurel leaves. At least I think laurel makes more sense than sage leaves? Also love the little plastic pinecones.

The other one has holly, berries and flowers. 
Both are in great shape and only the one on the left is missing a couple sprigs...

 But once I do a little rearranging it will be perfect.

Have a great weekend everyone:@)


  1. I love vintage Christmas decorations. I know I'll go to the thrift stores next week. I've been trying to stay away but I'm feeling weak! heehee! Very cute Barbie!

  2. You find such cute, vintage things while thrifting, Lynn. I haven't had a chance to go to any thrift stores. I sure remember Woolworth's!

  3. I love those old hard plastic candle rings also when I see them at the thrift I grab them my friend just rolls her eyes. Not sure why I like them but I do.

  4. YES! I love the old holly used on vintage decorations. Great finds!

  5. How totally cute! Your Barbie stuff is always so clever!!

  6. Such fun new treasures! Those candle rings are awesome!!
    P.S. The family went up to Green Bay for the game today. Brrrrrr....I stayed home where it's warm(er), LOL.


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