Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Steamer Basket -And Cooking Twice as Much at One Time

I have a great new kitchen toy to share with you today, I bought one for Ma for Mother's Day and both sons already asked me to get them one for their birthdays! This 6 quart steamer basket for the Instant Pot ~or any~ electronic pressure cooker is amazing, I found it after wrestling to remove a collapsible steamer basket (with no handle) of sliced carrots from the pressure cooker one Sunday... But what really sold me was when the write-up said it was great for making stock, simply lift the basket out of the vessel and toss the bones-wow, it really is that easy folks. They sell 3 quart6 quart and now 8 quart sizes. My theory is, you can always cook a smaller amount of food in a larger basket:@)

Here's a pic of the basket from Amazon,
It has feet so no trivet is needed and it washes up great! 
(My dishwasher's name is Lynn, and while she only does a marginal job she's been with the family forever:@)

Another thing that has me tickled is a Dollar Tree purchase, this little colander fits on top of the big steamer basket and is perfect for steaming a second vegetable at the same time! Both veggies just need to cook in the same amount of time, here I was making mashed potatoes and then some butternut squash, both about 3/4" dice and I cooked them on manual high pressure for 5 minutes and used automatic release. I poured the potatoes into the bowl of my mixer and stuck the colander of squash back into the pressure cooker to stay warm until dinner.

A pic of the little colander, it will steam enough veggies for two or (maybe) three people.
I did use pliers and pulled the ring off the bottom of the colander, that just looked like something I didn't need to deal with washing. 
One thing that is important, when you place the colander on the steamer basket,
make sure it's towards the front of the pressure cooker. 
You don't want it near, or blocking, the vent.

Let's use those pressure cookers, eat well and have a happy day:@) 


  1. Thank you for sharing your tips and your finds that you love for the instant pot! One thing I know for sure is that your family is so lucky to have dishwasher Lynn, who does a phenomenal job!!!!

  2. What a great idea to stem two veggies at the same time!!

  3. Brilliant Lynn, I need to board the Instant Pot train! I had to chuckle at "she only does a marginal job she's been with the family forever" :)

  4. Very clever! I still don't have one, but they are all the rage!

  5. With the amount of IP recipes I've made this past month, these tools look worth the investment. I love the idea of making stock with the colander---genius!


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