Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Snippets-Flavored Iced Tea, Lemon Pasta and Hot and Spicy Oregano

Iced tea and summer go hand-in-hand and I wanted to remind everyone of an inexpensive way to create flavored teas, I add one herbal tea bag to the pitcher with my regular or decaf tea bags. Add boiling water and I let the herbal tea steep for 5 minutes then remove it from the pitcher (let your regular tea bags steep for however long you normally would). My absolute favorite flavor is peach but raspberry is a close second:@) A fruit tea sampler, for around $2.20 at Walmart, is a great way to find your favorite.

 Do you have an Aldi near you? It's a fun place to stop every once in a while and I hear it's related to Trader Joe's. 
I found these lemon bow ties and think they'll be great with some garlic butter and a sprinkle of fresh basil for dinner tomorrow-
love the stripes! 

My coworker added a new herb to her garden this year, Hot and Spicy Oregano. 
It's a nice strong oregano that does bring a little heat in the background, great for Mexican dishes and salsas!
The write up from Bonnie Plants and you can click HERE for more detailed information:
Hot & Spicy oregano blends the easy-growing traits of oregano with the heat of a mild chile pepper. Flavorful leaves make a great addition to Mexican dishes. Plants form a nicely rounded mound with multiple trailing stems. Leaves boast a traditional oregano flavor, but with greater pungency.
I dried some in the microwave (instructions HERE) and once dry, we felt it still had that great oregano taste but did lose the heat.

Try to stay cool and have a great weekend everyone:@)


  1. the bow ties are too cute! stay cool!

  2. What a great idea about the tea!! Oh I love Aldi's and often buy fun things to try there...the price is usually awesome!

  3. I love the look of that striped pasta. I need to stop by ALDI---it's been way too long! Happy weekend, Lynn!

  4. Your tea sounds great! I love trying out new combinations for iced tea! =)

    I haven't been to Aldi's in a while - they have great prices! The lemon bow ties sound delicious!

  5. Your tea sounds refreshing Lynn and I love that bow tie pasta! Hope you're staying cool this weekend. :)

  6. The pasta is so cute, and lemon, yum...we don't have Aldi's but finally got a Trader Joe's and I love to peruse all the different products. Peach or raspberry tea sounds like a great way to stay cool 😓


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