Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Snippets-Spring and Bunny Butts #2

Happy Spring everyone! I'm ignoring the snow on the ground and choose to focus on the bright sun in the sky instead:@) My white 32" tree has been decorated for Easter and I've kept it very simple this year, most of the ornaments are inexpensive bright colored plastic eggs. They look great with the fiber optics. I tucked this little guy into a real egg shell years ago, he just makes me smile.

QVC has these super cute spring flower place card holders on clearance HERE
Great for either tablescapes or to display pictures.

Tis the season for all things bunny and it seems bunny butts are everywhere! Walmart had these cute little cupcake kits, they even come with the cake mix. This looks like a perfect project to do with the kids:@) My first Bunny Butt post with seven more ideas can be found HERE.

Candy toppers at Walmart, cute and very easy.

Talk about a jalapeno worth stuffing! Look at the size of this big boy...

And I'll leave you with a pic from Pinterest of what has become the garden of my dreams.
Pretty to look at, compact, easy to weed and water, and if the fence holes were a little closer together, rabbit proof!

Looking forward to warmer days... 
Have a great weekend:@)


  1. yeah, that's a great tub garden! and a huge jalapeno! :) happy bunny butts to you!

  2. That's the first bunny butt I've seen... guess I haven't been in a store lately. Oh well. I'll catch up sooner or later.

  3. what cute little bunny butts...i didn't know they made jalapenos that
    and that's the kind of garden I would LOVE.....

  4. Cute bunny butts! And I love that garden too. :)

  5. Loving the bunny butts! I'm ready for some spring time fun!

  6. That's the perfect size garden Lynn, easy to maintain! That fence must be to keep the deer out since bunny butts would squeeze right through :) Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I need to pull out my fuzzy little bunnies and chicks. Love that garden!!


  8. Wow, you are definitely ready for Easter Lynn. That jalapeno is very impressive!

  9. Love the garden, Lynn.
    And I get very excited about a giant jalapeno!

  10. I love your dream garden Lynn, it's perfect! We just planted some stuff today and have plans to make a garden scarecrow and do a little fence, our rabbits and squirrels eat everything! I love your chick ornament and all the cupcake fun~

  11. I'm loving all the cute ideas, Lyyn, and the garden, oh my, I want one, too. I'm wondering if those big tubs are what my youngest son is going to use. Those are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Spring has left the building this morning!!! But I'll dream of gardening soon while admiring your photos :)


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