Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Went Junkin'!

I had such a fun trip to the Goodwill! All the shelves were loaded with Christmas items and I brought home a few gems:@) My biggest purchase was this Christmas Pyramid, it's not a fancy handcrafted German one, just a wobbly, cheap knock off but it's colorful, different and most importantly-it works! I think the soldiers are great, we'll talk about that middle tier later... Overall I'm very happy with this $6.97 purchase.
You'll notice a lot of glue and sloppy workmanship, but that just means I can "embellish" it and make it my own without feeling guilty, and I have big plans for this piece... Stay tuned... 

I believe I actually gasped when I saw these cute little vintage ornaments! 
They each have a little wire in the top for hanging and will find a home on the little tree in the Santa planter centerpiece I posted about HERE. Yes, that's 47¢:@)

I picked up this adorable train for a craft project, $1.97.
Funny that it even has the original candles...
 I love the Santa.

And finally I found this handmade beaded angel ornament. Ma gave me a similar one many years ago that's red and green, it's one of my favorite ornaments. I was thrilled to find this one holding a candle to go with it!
 I told you it was a fun trip! 
Not to mention all the things that brought back memories that I enjoyed seeing but left behind. 

I hope shopping has been good to you too!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. you did find some really cute things. :)

  2. I think you were right - you really did find some great things with a great price.

  3. You did really well with those purchases. I can see all sorts of wonderful inspiration from your goodies. The thrill of the hunt and those prices keeps me thrifting. Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your purchases Lynn, as I have the German Wood pyramid. My g'girls love it when I light it and it goes around...so cute! Nice pricess too.
    Merry C'mas.

  5. You did find some great vintage items! I love the little train the best!! Hugs!!

  6. You found some great things! =)
    Love the vintage ornaments!

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Lucky you on the vintage ornaments find! They can be hard to come by at a reasonable price!

  8. Cute stuff - and the pyramid is fabulous - oh the ideas it brings out. I have the same little Noel train - have had it for years and years. I love the vintage christmas so much.

  9. A junkin day is always a good day:}

  10. Usually, it is AFTER Christmas that you find all the great bargains...you beat everyone to the punch, Lynn.
    That Christmas pyramid is wonderful...they date back to the Middle Ages! I've only seen one, up close & it was magical.

  11. Cute finds! I went to 6 Good Wills on Saturday they had half off day, I found some really nice stuff. Does your local Goowills have half off day? Happy thrifting! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  12. I love what you found! Soooooooooo cute!



  13. I LOVE LOVE that little beaded angel! Yes, I know I am a vintage nut. :-)

  14. Enjoy your finds...they are all treasures, for sure. xo

  15. Great finds Lynn. I would love to stumble across some vintage Christmas balls. I am so not-in-love with the new unbreakable balls. They don't have any shine and look cheap compared to the older ones.

  16. What a great trip you had to the Goodwill! It is so much fun to thrift something and get such a great deal!

  17. What amazing finds!!! You've put me in the mood to shop :)

  18. That's a wonderful pyramid Lynn, and how great that it works!! We have several nutcrackers and German wooden tree ornaments, but we still don't have a pyramid. They're so special, I think. I also love your vintage glass tree ornaments and your precious angel. Great finds, my friend! :)

    Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful week.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  19. Wow, Lynn what a successful trip & haul! Our GW never has much, I would have fought you for those 47 cent ornaments :)

  20. Oh I love your vintage finds! Great items at good prices! Love the brite star...even the box is fun! I'm decorating with these type items this year and feeling so nostalgic! Happy holidays my friend!


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