Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Using a Marshmallow as Cupcake Frosting

I saw the idea to Use a Marshmallow as Cupcake Frosting a long time ago and knew I'd have to try it some day. When my son brought over a pack of humongous marshmallows-you know, those supersized ones, I knew it was time... I cut the extra large ones in half and put the cut side down on the cupcake.
How'd it taste? Good! Very sweet and sticky.
Probably best with chocolate or pumpkin spiced cupcakes though.
As if we really needed another excuse to make pumpkin cupcakes right now...
I'm an enabler, I know:@)

I'm sharing these cute football cupcake papers and picks from Michaels for my PIGSkin Challenge this week. They were in the $2 bin and I picked them up during a 40% off sale. 
They also have matching paper plates and napkins.

Walmart has football cupcake papers from Cake Mate in the baking section too.

To use a marshmallow as cupcake frosting:
  • Place a marshmallow on top of the cupcakes when there's about 3 minutes of baking time left. Bake for the rest of the time, or until marshmallows are a little melty but still kinda fluffy.
  • Note: I did take them out of the oven after the 3 minutes, turned on the broiler and browned the tops a little. Watch very closely if you put them under the broiler.
  • I think this idea is actually meant to work with regular sized marshmallows, the humongous ones might be a little... over indulgent:@)


  1. My DH would love the marshmallow on a cupcake. We have those huge ones that I need to use up ;o) xo

  2. What a fun idea!! Love all the football party/paper supplies too.

  3. One of my daughters is a marshmallow freak. She would just love this. Actually, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be delighted with the whole theme you have there. So cute. You have the BEST ideas on here!

  4. My marshmallow loving family will be thrilled with this "frosting." And the wrappers are so cute!!!

  5. You really are an enabler but I forgive you. I'm thinking chocolate cupcakes.


  6. Those are soooooooo cute. I had to make cupcakes for Andy tomorrow - you would be ashamed to know me!

  7. you would enable me to about 400 lbs.

  8. What a clever idea Lynn and one that I would have never thought about.

  9. What a quick and easy frosting idea, Lynn! I love your cupcake liners, too.

  10. Your cupcakes look cute, Lynn. I have a Texas sheet cake recipe where you place mini-marsh on the cake the last couple of minutes of baking, and then frost. It's very rich and sweet and delish!

  11. Yum! I think I will take mine with a sweet potato cupcake. Great idea. Joni

  12. My daughter in law would love these as she is cray about marshmallows...

  13. What a cute idea! I love the marshmallow topping! Great add to those football party buffets! I will be following!

  14. Great use of those large marshmallow Lynn and I love the cupcake wrappers :)

  15. How fun to use Marshmallows! Great idea! Would love to have you share this and anything else at my link party going on!


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