Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Chores and Quick Refrigerator Pickles

Happy Planting Season Everyone! I hope your weather is cooperating and things are warming up. This has been a crazy spring most places and we've had very cool temps North of Philly... I took a little bloggy break to do some chores/yard work and love the colors of my petunias this year! They make me happy:@)

Planting Bush Pickling Cucumbers got me itchy to make some pickles so I tried a Quick Pickle recipe I bookmarked. They are nice and vinegary and dill is always a hit around here!
I increased the vinegar, sugar and salt to cover the cukes. 

Quick Refrigerator Pickles-Adapted from Make Mine Lemon
1/2 C white vinegar-I used 1 C
2 tsp sugar-I used 3 tsp
1 tsp mustard seed
1 tsp salt-I used Kosher salt and 1 1/2 tsp
1 clove garlic, cracked-I suggest a smaller one, but you know your crowd...
1 tsp dried dill weed or 2 Tblsp fresh leaves snipped
1 bay leaf
4 Persian cucumbers, sliced-I used kirbys and made them about 1/4" thick
  1. Add dill and bay leaf to a pint jar then fill with sliced cucumbers. Approximately 4-5.
  2. Bring vinegar, sugar, mustard seed, salt and garlic to a simmer, dissolve sugar and salt.
  3. Pour into jar and let cool.
  4. They're ready to eat once cooled and can be stored in the fridge.
I've also been doing a little spring cleaning... I added my picture to my bloggy profile. Yep, that goofy looking woman is me, the person you've been talking to for over three years.
 I'd like to sincerely thank you for your visits!

Be sure to play in the dirt and have a happy day:@)


  1. I was beginning to wonder where you were, so happy to see the post. Love the avi! Now I might have to do one. lol These pickles are so easy, I am going to make some. xo

  2. It's always so good to get the yard in shape after a long winter. I know you feel good after all your hard work. I think I'd sit down and eat a whole jar of these yummy pickles after such an accomplishment!

  3. Bet you are all glad Winter is over for us it's just starting.

  4. I love most anything with vinegar and I like it that with this recipe it can be eaten right away..some make you wait awhile.
    I worked in the garden and did some flower planting too today..had to stop and 'visit' the heating pad for a bit before I head back out. Your petunias are so pretty.
    It's nice to put a face with your name now..I have been toying with the idea of doing it too.
    Have a good rest of the weekend. xo

  5. Your petunias are lovely. So colorful! I'm glad you've enjoyed being out in the yard, Lynn. Glad to see you and put a face to the name. Enjoy the rest of your wknd, Lynn!

  6. You are not goofy looking. You look young and so cute! Love the pic! :-)

    I have missed you while you've been gone, and I am loving both the petunias and the recipe. I love those types of pickles, Lynn. My grandmother always made them, and they are delicious.



  7. 1. It is SO great to see your picture!!! I am sure I'm not the only one to think that!
    2. The Bloody Mary Tomato Salad looks terrific. A must-Pin!
    3. Your petunias are glorious, Lynn! Are you going to try green beans again this year?

  8. Fun to see your photo, Lynn. I've been digging in the dirt for a few weeks now. Our garden was on a neighborhood tour last Sunday, and it was at its best. We had bitter cold winds late this week, and things look a tad beat this weekend. Not one bloom is left on my Iceberg rose and the Knockout roses look pretty spent. Guess we were lucky with timing. '-)

  9. I picked up some annuals from Produce Junction but haven't planted them yet. Hopefully soon. So nice that you shared your sweet photo :)

  10. I've done some planting. Your pickles look GREAT! And have I missed your photo down below - what a pretty lady. sandie

  11. I am so going to try the pickles...I'd like to make some small jars...the ones at the store are huge and we never finish them.

    So where have you been hiding? You are lovely!


  12. Look at that pretty nice to see you!! It's finally warm up here by Lake Ontario, New York and today I began the yard clean up....even went back out after supper.....I'll pay for it tomorrow!!! Gotta make the best use of this weather........

  13. Nice to see your pretty photo, Lynn. I am looking forward to digging in the dirt soon! The pickles sound wonderful. xo

  14. You are definitely not goofy looking Lynn. Love your picture. And love those pickles and so will my BIL.

    We haven't started to plant yet. Our pansies weathered over nicely from the fall and look as if we just planted them. We'll wait until after the first frost (May 15 according to Indian legend in our area) and get started. We only do herbs, tomatoes and flowers. Hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoying spring.

  15. Love seeing your smiling face and the person behind the pig Lynn!! I've been doing a little potting, it has been cold and rainy here for most of the week...brrr! Your pickles sound delicious!

  16. You are a doll! I see no goofy looking woman :)

    Your refrigerator pickles remind me of my mom...I have fond memories of her making these (and ME eating them!). Hope you're having an excellent weekend.

  17. We love how refrigerator pickles stay crisp. I liked the picture of you, glad to see the mastermind of so many great recipes!!

  18. Love to put a face with a blog! I knew there was a great lady behing that pig.

  19. Hi Lynn, it's so nice to see your pretty face!! Now we really know there's somebody besides Earl out there. It sounds like you had a productive bloggy break. Your petunias look so pretty and the jar of pickles look delish!! I'll keep that recipe in mind when we start getting cucumbers from our friend's garden where my hubby helps. The weather in Texas has been crazy, too.

  20. I love these! Thanks for the recipe. My dh is planting his garden already.

  21. Oh, I am so happy you tried these. Your jar is much cuter than mine.

  22. Yay for planting season! I have some pea plants poking out of the ground already. I need to find a good variety of cuke to plant this year since last years weren't so good. Can't wait to make pickles too.

    Love your new profile pic! Your personality shines right through :)


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