Monday, March 25, 2013

There's A Pig In The Pinot Noir!!!

How cute is this Piggy Bottle Stopper from! It has rubber gaskets to ensure an air tight seal and the spring provides lots of movement and big smiles:@)

They also didn't forget about folks that might prefer a beer… I was offered these cool Double Wall Mouth Blown Beer Glasses to review. They work great for keeping an icy cold beverage, wellicy cold! The double wall keeps the heat from your hand away from the drink, and there's no condensation, so no drips or rings on the table. And of course these 12 oz tumblers would be good for iced tea or soda too. 
A perfect gift for that guy that's so hard to buy for!
I wasn't the only one to try them out...

These glasses have been Earl tested and approved!
If you’re looking for great gifts for a wine lover or to treat yourself to specialty items 
be sure to stop by

Have a happy day:@)

Disclaimer: Thanks to for providing the products, the review and opinions are are my own.


  1. Lynn, The pig in the Pinot Noir is adorable! He probably would be just a cute in the Chardonnay but not nearly as fun to say :) Love the insulated glasses, we use them for boating season! Hope you and Earl enjoy your week!

  2. I love it - Earl tested! Love these glasses too. We're big fans of insulated glasses.

  3. Oh Lynn -- this is too cute!! I love the piggy wine stopper, especially the purple color. I'll have to check out that website for our family. The insulated glasses look like a great product, and we could definitely use those this summer. I'm going to Pin these right now. :)

    Have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. What is cuter than a purple piggy? Not too much! That beer glass looks interesting, and if the weather ever warms up, I'd love to get one. xo

  5. That piggie wine stopper is hilariously fun! I like that glass, too. My drinks always get warm too fast. :-(

  6. You are nuts, Girl...truly crazy! I laughed out loud at poor Earl, swimming in that beer.
    I do, however, LOVE that crazy wine stopper. It is SO YOU!!!! LOL

  7. I am always looking for a cute bottle topper! Those glasses look great for out by the pool...not mine as I don't have one, but if someone had a pool!!! And a drunk Earl is always fun I bet!
    hugs, Linda

  8. NOW those glasses inside glassed make sense! I thought it was just fun thing. Loving that piggy stopper - perfect for any wine hog you want to tell to put a cork in it.

  9. I love glasses that don't sweat or leave a ring...a cold beer looks pretty good too. As for the wine stopper...well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think it is perfect for you!

  10. Lynn - I love that purple pig! sandie

  11. You find the cutest things. Thanks for the tip on the insulated glasses.

  12. Oh my Lynn, the piggy wine stopper is soooo cute! I love insulated glasses and those look like some nice ones. I'm glad Earl gave his piggy approval! xo

  13. Oh how cute! Did Earl model for this cute springy wine cork!
    Love those double insulated glasses and mugs. They are perfect around the pool or at the beach.


  14. Aw, that cute pig wine stopper is perfect for you!!! And my hubby would appreciate those beer glasses :)

  15. The pig wine stopper is adorable. I have seen these glasses before. Are they made by Bodum?

    1. The only name on the box is The Wine Enthusiast:@)

  16. Oh Earl, did you drink all of that yourself? At least you didn't leave a ring on the table. Love the insulated glasses! :)

  17. Hi Lynnie! OH, you do come across the cutest things. The little pig bottle stopper is darling! That's a cool way to keep things cool in that glass. Happy Easter week to you too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. The pig stopper is too cute! I've been perusing the Wine Enthusiast's web page since they've been giving away things to bloggers --they have some really nice stuff! Who knew?


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