Sunday, February 12, 2012

A-Z Valentine's Day!

Here's hoping we all get a visit from Cupig this Valentine's Day!
I hear he leaves chocolate covered bacon under your pillow:@)

A-Always kiss me goodnight.
B-Because I love you, that's why.
C-Candy-don't need to say anything more.
D-Don't you just love red and pink!
E-Everything is better dipped in chocolate!
F-Flowers, be sure to treat yourself to some.
G-Gushy, sentimental movies, there will probably be a few of them on TV-hankie alert!!!
H-Heart, don't go breaking mine... hope that song's not stuck in your head now:@)
I-Icing, yes, be sure to add extra icing to your goodies. Heart shaped sprinkles would be good too...
J-Just pucker up Baby, and...
K-Kiss me you fool.
L-Love can be fleeting or last a life time, to find that special person would be sublime! 
M-Milk or dark, what's your favorite type of chocolate? I'm a dark chocolate girl.
N-Not for women only, men can be romantic too.
O-Open the door to your heart so love can walk through.
P-Polka dots make everything more fun. I saw red and white cupcake papers at Walmart/Michaels.
Q-Quick fudge for a last minute gift, folks really enjoy this 5 Minute version-here.
R-Roses are red, violets are blue, I hope someone sweet, sends a Valentine to you!
S-Snow flakes would be so romantic to stroll through after dinner.
T-Truffles are truly decadent and a wonderful gift.
U-Ultimate flowers for Valentine's Day? I would pick red and white tulips. 
V-Velvety smooth cheesecake with chocolate crust and a big red strawberry swirl-yum.
W-"Will you be my Valentine?"-asks Earl.
X-X's and O's:@)
Y-You gonna eat that last Hershey Kiss?
Z-Zero in and focus on the special time spent with loved ones.
Have a happy day!


  1. I'll be Earl's Valentine!!!

    Very cute Lynn. You always have an element of surprise in your posts. I love it.


  2. Pucker up Earl, here I come.
    Dark chocolataholic here.
    I guess snowflakes could be considered romantic : )

  3. Cupig - LOL! I hope you're happy, that song is stuck in my head :)

  4. I love your ABC's of Valentine's day!!
    Earl is such a flirt...asking all of us to be his Valentine! My favorite Valentine Tulips!

  5. So very cute! You are so talented and clever!!

  6. Good advice in that Valentine poem. I'll take my bacon chocoless. But I love chocolate candy.

  7. everything IS better dipped in chocolate♥♥♥

  8. Ooh, the fudge sounds delicious too! I just got the Foodnetwork's Chocolate magazine and they had bacon dipped in chocolate! It doesn't sound fab to me, but who knows? It might be good.

  9. I'd love to get a visit from cupig any time!! Happy Valentine's Day to you & Earl!!

  10. Yes, I am gonna eat that Hershey's kiss! Love the a-z.

  11. Lynn, that is so cute! Did you make it up? Lovew it. Joni

  12. You do these so well, Lynn! I agree everything tastes better dipped in chocolate. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Too clever Lynn! I'm a dark chocolate girl too :)


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