Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A to Z Super Bowl Sunday

Ok, I know everyone isn't into football, so let's take a light hearted look at Super Bowl Sunday:@)
A-Are we here for the food, the game, the commercials, or to drive hubby home???
B-Between you and me, I think Sally's cheerleader costume is a little over the top...
C-Chili: isn't it a law or something that everyone needs to eat chili on Super Bowl Sunday?
D-Down in front-I can't see the TV!
E-Ever see the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet? Last year they say 9.2 million folks tuned in.
F-Frank's Hot Sauce, the unofficial sponsor of Super Bowl Sunday.
G-Grilling out? This is the largest grill out day of the winter.
H-Half time show, do you honestly remember any except the "wardrobe malfunction"?
I-If I was a betting person, I'd bet the veggie platter will barely be touched:@)
J-Just call attending the game a corporate expense, at least 35% of the folks there do.
K-Killer wings? Oh yea, please do pass that platter my way!
L-Lombardi Trophy-Tiffany makes it and charged the NFL $12,500 in 2011.
M-Madonna will be performing at half time this year.
N-Number of folks that call out of work on Monday: approximately 7 million.
O-Oh no she didn't just sit down in front of the shrimp cocktail!
P-Potato Chips, at least 28 million pounds of them will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.
Q-Quirky ads? Approx 41% will re-watch the ads on-line.
R-Red Solo Cup... yep, quite a few of them will be used this weekend:@)
S-So, what company do you think will have the first commercial?
T-Tight End, um... yes, there are some on the field:@)
U-Until the Fat Lady sings... it ain't over!
V-Viewers: 40% who watch the game are not football fans.
W-Who's cuter, Brady or Manning?
X-Xactly how much does a 30 second ad during the Game cost? 3.5 million dollars.
Y-You gonna eat that last Pig In The Blanket?
Z-Zebra: the ref's better not screw this game up!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. I think you have covered the Super Bowl very well. Or at least the parties - hahaha.

  2. What a delightful post, that was a fun run down!!

  3. Lynn, I am not a football fan but I get a "kick" out of all of you who love it. Tell Earl, no way! Have a great week and enjoy the big game later.---- Shannon

  4. Very, Very good! I am one of the 40% but I shall be there!


  5. So fun! Thanks for sharing, gave me a smile for the day!

  6. Waaay cute....:))

    I'm over here to get the Jello Frosting recipe...I have cupcakes in the oven as we speak. also ck'ing to see what great snacks you offer for SB party. Gonna make the Pig's for sure...chili, maybe...need some dips and the dill pickle looks good..

  7. I think you have it all covered. And very well :)

  8. Hey Lynn, I love the Puppy Bowl, and of course, super bowl snacks. I also enjoy the commercials. And it is a little exciting for me when it is a NY team. Too bad it wasn't the Jets :( xo

  9. Hi Lynn, I love the puppy bowl! Not much of a football fan, except for my favorite college team. You're going to have the best-est snacks ever for your celebrations!

  10. We don't even care about the game...we are collegiate fans. We sure are all about the family party and food. Thanks for sharing such a cute look at S B S Lynn!

  11. I love your A-Z!! Actually I'm very excited about the Superbowl this year,because being an ex pat Brit, I want to know what all this fuss is about. We lazy Brits don't do too much with sport except Soccer so I'm looking forward to learning. My three boys are all excited too. Of course I won't have a clue who is who but I'm going to try. Take care, Sally @ Enlightenment for the Sleepy xxx

  12. What a great blog...I stopped by to visit since I see your name on a lot of the posts I visit so I had to come see what you are all about...nice blog and I think I'll be staying!

  13. So cute. I actually saw a version of the puppy bowl on the today show this morning. I love all the puppies! I love the commercials too - no idea who will be first, but I hope it is a good one!

  14. I like the commercials and the food! Usually I like the half-time show, but I'm just not into Madonna. Love the picture...we have been saying our Zoe at 4 1/2 months looks like the perfect Puppy Bowl dog right now!

  15. Hi Lynn, I've lived in both cities and have rooted for both these teams! And, here in Connecticut, wedged between NY and MA and technically part of New England, this is a hot topic right now! But if I had to be stranded on that desert island, I'd take Manning over Brady! Don't tell hubby. He's rooting for NY (I call them NJ)...Linda

  16. Very cute! I've never noticed the tight ends :}

  17. I'm not a football fan but usually turn it on for the commercials and so I have some idea what people are talking about if it was a particularly good game. Love the list, Lynn.

  18. Hi Lynn, all I can say is HA! I love this. Yes, I do remember the wardrobe malfunction and that's it. HA! again.

    We will be watching the game with great interest. We are sports fans and wouldn't miss it.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. Thanks for starting my day with a smile. You have shown a great understanding of the Super Bowl and its place in American life:-) Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. Oh, you are a clever girl! With the Super Bowl on at the same time as Downton Abbey, it will be interesting to see what gets priority in my house. Somehow I think I'll be taping PBS.

  21. Food, food, food with all your great dips I am sure it is a killer gathering!


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