Monday, December 5, 2011

A to Z Christmas

Hey everyone! How about an A to Z list for Christmas!
A-Anybody remember to buy batteries???
B-Bundle up, it's cold out there!
C-Christmas cheer? Why yes, I'd love another glass:@)
D-Did that string of lights just go out? Honey...
E-Even kids that don't like math are counting down the days in December.
F-Fresh cut trees, fluffy marshmallows for hot chocolate and frosty windows.
G-Gotta get one last gift...
H-Ham is a beautiful thing, think scalloped potato and pea casserole with leftovers.
I-Is it going to snow? Hopefully enough for ambiance but not enough to cause travel problems.
J-Just keep checking items off the list until you get it all done.
K-Keep loved ones that aren't near in your thoughts and send warm wishes their way.
L-Laugh-seriously, it's good for the soul!
M-Mall??? You actually want me to go to the m-a-l-l???
N-No, the cat doesn't want to wear elf shoes. Yes, it would be cute.
O-Oh no, what do you mean Aunt Ethel isn't making the jello mold this year?
P-Perfection, that point during a snow storm that's so quiet you can hear the flakes hitting the ground.
Q-Quality time=special memories.
R-Resolutions start on January 1st-eat up everyone!
S-Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight-woo hoo.
T-Twas the night before Christmas and I wish you peace and happiness.
U-Ugly Christmas sweaters-believe it or not my son wanted one for the office party this year!
V-Very pretty lights, save a night to just drive (or better yet, walk) around the neighborhood.
W-Winter wonderland=Crisp cold air nipping at your nose and knowing that a warm home awaits you!
X-Xtra munchies are always a good thing to have on hand. (I thought that was better than Xanax helps to make the season bright...)
Y-You gonna eat that last cookie... really!?! Why? Because it's mine-said while giving noogies.
Z-Zoo, what zoo? That's just the family visiting (see Y above:@)
Enjoy the season everyone!


  1. several of these (including the Xanax) made me LOL! really great!

  2. lol! Love the Christmas list, sounds like the holidays in my house. :)

  3. Well that was fun! I can relate to so many on the list!

  4. Love every letter-and yes NONE of my mini lights worked. Had to buy all new ones.

  5. I think I like S for Santa Baby!

  6. This is absolutely too cute, Lynn!


  7. Love that kitty's list! AND I love A to Z lists ; )

  8. Lynn, I enjoy your A to Z lists, too. Many apply around our house, like the 1st one. It seems someone is always running around asking for batteries for this or that. -------

  9. I like the "S" for Santa Baby too! Clever list once again. Have a great week. xo

  10. I love these posts! Thanks for the smiles!

  11. Lynn,
    Very good. Smiling at 4 in the morning is a good thing!


  12. Love it and it makes me smile because I can so relate.


  13. Fa la la la laughing along with your abc's of Christmas. Dressing up a cat? I think that is an auto for the naughty list, or maybe that's the injured list.

  14. I think that is the most accurate description of Christmas I have ever read! Great job!

  15. Very cute, Lynn! Have a wonderful Christmas!
    I am back to work now. Hope your new job is going well too.

  16. Loved every one of them! I wonder if some people are offended by the ugly sweater parties. I remember spending A LOT of money on those things, 25 years ago and now I am sporting them at ugly sweater parties too! Of course I didn't save mine and had to go out and buy a new (used) one.

  17. Love the list, Lynn. That about sums it up.

  18. R- is my very favorite! I think that should be my Christmas quote this year.

  19. Hi Lynn!
    You do these lists so well! Every alphabet saying was perfect.

  20. So clever and Christmasy, Lynn. I'm relating to the Gotta get one last gift!

  21. Hi Lynn,
    I guess thats the normal list for every family on Christmas. Made me laughing a lot.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  22. Good morning Lynn, this is a great list with come good chuckles to share and serious thoughts to help us not forget a single thing in the Christmas rush. Thank you!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  23. Hehe, I bought so many batteries last year I still have some left over!

  24. Soooo cute, Lynn!...Christine

  25. You know the ABC's of Christmas!

  26. Very good, L! I do NOT do malls, evah!

  27. Hey, sweet friend...hope all is well in your world. It is busy as a bee around here.

    Love the are so good at that sort of thing.
    xoxo bj

  28. Very clever! Thanks for sharing your ABCs of Christmas.

  29. E is my favorite. That was me as a kid for sure.


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