Monday, June 15, 2020

Tie-Dye Multi Colored Spritz Cookies for the 4th of July

I think we're all familiar with mixing food coloring into cookie dough to create multi-colored festive cookies. I've rolled it into 'ropes', pressed them together to create a 'log' and filled the cookie press many times over the years. But I happened upon a new (to me) technique and thought it would be fun to make some 4th of July Tie Dyed Spritz Cookies. The idea here is to create small patches of color by rolling the dough into balls and adding them to the press. Use larger ping-pong ball size white dough and ~small~ marble size balls of colored dough. The boys thought these cookies looked neat and that they'd be perfect for the summer holidays:@)

A pic of the dough before I pushed the plunger down:
Try to make your colored balls smaller than mine for best presentation.
I used gel food dye for vibrant color.
Food Network made their cookies at Christmas using a wreath disc, green food coloring and red sprinkles.

The vintage disc I used (I think it's Atco):

Tie-Dye Spritz Cookies from FoodNetwork
  1. Mix your favorite spritz cookie dough.
  2. Add one fourth of the dough to a small bowl and color with food dye of choice. I did this twice, using red and blue.
  3. Roll larger ping-pong balls of white dough and alternately add small marble size balls of color.
  4. Use disc of choice, push plunger down, press cookies onto cool, un-greased sheets and bake as directed.
The old Mirro recipe I used, subbing half salted butter for the shortening, didn't add any extra salt:

Enjoy a cookie and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Those are such cool cookies! My old mirro press is toast and I have yet to find one I like as well.

  2. Very clever. I guess you could use the multi-doughs and roll out for cut outs of say stars, too! Somewhere I have my cookie press, haven't used it in awhile. Thanks for the idea!

  3. These are SO cute them! You make me want to go buy a press :)

  4. So so cute, another great creation from the Spritz Queen!

  5. I love tie dye things and these cookies look like fun! I have that same Mirro cookbook, Lynn. Happy baking!


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