Saturday, September 22, 2018

Spider Halloween Treat Gift Jars from Recycled Jars, Pom-Poms and Pipe Cleaners

I thought these Halloween Treat Containers from Recycled Jars would be a cute idea. A large pom-pom and four bump chenille pipe cleaners created a furry spider on top of the lid. I pinched some Trick or Treat ribbon and wrapped the bottom of the front leg around it. A spider ring adds a decoration and an extra little toy. This jar is a small 4oz jar, you could use any size you'd like. And of course they can be filled with the candy of your choice:@)

My spider is kind of floppy and friendly looking...
You can make it spookier by bending the legs up and into more of an upside down V shape.

  1. Remove label from jar (if necessary), thoroughly wash and dry jar and lid.
  2. Cut a circle from scrap book paper or construction paper to cover top of lid if desired. I left mine as is.
  3. Create legs from four pipe cleaners. Either hot glue individually to lid, or wrap another pipe cleaner around all four and hot glue that as I did below. 
  4. Use large pom-pom for body/head. Glue it on top of legs. 
  5. Glue googly eyes to pom-pom. 
  6. Add embellishments and decorate jar as desired.


  1. SO fun! These would be great for special trick or treaters! We're hoping at least one of our teams wins today---neither is looking too great at the moment, LOL>


  2. That is so cute, Lynn, and I like that your spider is a friendly one. I found that candy corn mix that you mentioned in the pie flavors, at my Dollar Tree.

  3. Cute Halloween treat containers Lynn! I love that your spider looks more friendly than frightening :)


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