Friday, June 22, 2018

Grilled Zucchini with Montreal Steak Seasoning

I haven't put this on the blog because I figured everyone has tried it... But then I thought, what if someone hasn't tried it? So here's my super simple, extra quick side dish, Grilled Zucchini (and/or Summer Squash) with Montreal Steak Seasoning. The key to this is to start with a screaming hot grill pan or wok. I like to leave mine on the grill as it heats up. The second tip is don't add the seasoning and let it sit on the veggies too long, it will start drawing out water and they can get kinda mushy, I like to aim for crisp tender zucchini. And the last tip, once you think you've added enough seasoning, go ahead and give it one more shake:@)

Ready for the grill and looking good enough to eat:@)

And here's a pic of my favorite grill pan/wok. I found it at Marshall's/TJ Maxx many years ago. 
It's stainless steel and the round shape cleans up easily with a metal scrubbing pad (I like the copper colored ones at Dollar Tree 3 for $1).

Grilled Zucchini with Montreal Steak Seasoning
Zucchini and/or Summer Squash cut in half lengthwise then into 1/2" slices
Onion, large chop-as much as you'd like
Olive oil
Montreal Steak Seasoning
  1. Place veggies in bowl, a few minutes before grilling toss with liberal sprinkle of olive oil and then shake on a generous amount of seasoning.
  2. Add to hot grill pan/wok and close grill lid, cook over medium/hot about 3 minutes, stir/turn and cook for about 3 more minutes uncovered.
Let's fire up the grill, give zucchini some lovin', and have a happy weekend:@)


  1. So fabulous on the grill! I have a huge jar of Montreal Steak Seasoning from my mom. It's old but still tastes terrific and one of our favorites!

  2. Nope; never tried it but I will now! Thanks!!

  3. Looks so good. I may have to get my son in law a grill pan!

  4. Another thing to add to my healthy eating list. .

  5. Your grill pan looks like a great purchase, Lynn. I've made zucchini on the grill, but haven't it awhile now. Thank you for the inspiration, and using the Montreal Steak seasoning.

  6. Never thought of using steak seasoning on vegetables! Sounds wonderful!

  7. I love that grill pan...and your grilled and seasoned veggies!


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