Saturday, May 7, 2016

$1 Hanging Storage for a Flexible Hose

Update: I found a white basket at Goodwill (that probably came from the Dollar Store originally:@) It has the grid holes in the bottom too, much better!

I've been looking at these flexible hoses for a while now and was even more interested when I saw there is/was(?) a bucket that hangs over the faucet to store it in. The bucket only seems to be on Ebay these days and sells for big bucks. I knew there had to be another idea... Now, in a perfect world this little basket would be white. But this is ~my~ world and sometimes I just have to make do for now:@) Note: Dollar Tree has two similar oval baskets in a few colors, you'll need the bigger, taller one.
Simply put the back handle over the faucet first, then screw the hose fitting to the faucet, tuck the hose inside the basket and loop the front handle over the knob. Nice and neat! I'll ask my son to drill a couple holes in the bottom to make sure water doesn't pool in the bottom.
When it's time to use it, lift the front handle off the faucet knob and pull the hose out. Easy-peasy!
 A super simple $1 solution for hose storage that doesn't take up any room and can't be tripped over.

I want to wish everyone a fantastic Mother's Day Weekend-Enjoy! 

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  1. Positively Brilliant, Lynn! I, too, have been thinking of getting one of those hoses.
    You solved the storage problem beautifully & I like the pretty blue color. Thanks!
    Happy Mothers Day to you, tomorrow. Hope your boys treat you, so you don't have to cook.

  2. Do you like how the hose works? I am thinking about buying one. That is a great idea for storing the hose.

    1. Hello, I just got it and we've had a week of rain last week and they're predicting more rain all this week. I turned it on and it worked... Please note you would need to buy or re-use a nozzle. I really only plan to use it to water the planters and wash the car, just liked how neatly I could put it away after always wrestling with the big hose. Sorry I can't be more help but will update the blog after I use it a while:@)

    2. Thanks for your thoughts on the hose; it would get light use at our house. I am so tired of fancy new hoses that get horrible kinks in them so the water won't flow through. I think this might be a solution.

  3. I too wondered how you like the hose. I'll wait for your review!! What a great way to store it!! I like the blue!

  4. you're so smart. and frugal. i like that.

  5. I like your storage solution, Lynn! I had two of those hoses, but they busted on me. Maybe you'll have better luck, or maybe they've improved them. They sure were easy to use.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  6. Lynn, That is BRILLIANT! I would love to try one of those flexible hoses. I have to use two 100 foot hoses to reach my planters at my Potting Shed from the house but I love this idea! You should post it to Hometalk :) Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Wow, do I ever need this, I still use the old aggravating big hose and it is a pain.

  8. Perfect for my needs...I have been wanting a hose like this that will hang close to the outdoor kitchen but there is limited space and the big hose was just too bulky. Brilliant idea that I can do today! Thanks, Lynn!
    Happy Mama's Day! xo, T.

  9. Why haven't I ever thought of this! Yes, definitely brilliant! Hope you're having a great Mother's Day Lynn!


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