Saturday, April 9, 2016

Went Junkin'

I headed out early, before it started... um, snowing. Snow in April, really Mother Nature? Found a few goodies though, so I'm glad I went.

I've been looking for a fun new coffee mug and think this is perfect:@) 
Yep, one more cup and I'll be on my feet. Sounds like a typical morning here!

While not my first choice in color... What do you think-circa 1986??? 
I can always use extra Tupperware flour canisters, they're strictly functional and will either be stored in the closet or fridge.

And lastly, these 2" patriotic ornaments had to come home with me. I'll be setting up the red, white and blue tree in May.
Made in China... ugh. 

I hope the weather's nice where you are!
Happy Weekend Everyone:@)


  1. Hi There Lynn,

    I LOVE the coffee mug; that was my day yesterday. :) I actually never got ANY coffee, so I didn't function too well. ;) Yes, I think you're just about right on the time period for those cannisters; Tupperware never goes out of style or function though. The patriotic ornaments are beautiful, even though China is definitely not patriotic. Why have we sent them all our jobs??!!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Lynn. I'm sorry about the snow; it's very blustery and cold here today.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Gotta love the handy. I love the mug...although it takes maybe a couple of "one more cups"! LOL
    Can't believe it is snowing!

  3. Lovin' the cup and the Tup :) Tupperware is so handy.

  4. The coffee mug is great, Lynn! I had some canisters like those, but different colors. Mine would've been bought earlier than 1986, because that's when we moved to Texas, and I never went to a Tupperware party here. They'll be handy for you. I hope the snow doesn't last...not fun in April!!

  5. i have two of those old tupperware cannisters in my pantry - inherited when my mother-in-law passed years back. just had to save them in case...

  6. Fun finds! It would be fun to tag along on your junking trips, but I'm a little far away. Weather here is nice and sunny.

  7. Those tupperware canisters are so great! Cute ornaments for your tree and I love a fun coffee mug! Happy Junkin!!


  8. Big score on the ornaments. I see a 4th of July tree in the future. '-)

  9. Cruel Mother Nature! Love the mug and the red white and blue!

  10. Crazy SPRING? isn't it? Love the finds! Happy Sunday.

  11. Fun finds Lynn! I love your patriotic ornaments! Memorial Day will be here before we know it :)

  12. If you or TexWisGirl ever want to sell those....I've got my set from 1989 in that blue and after all these years my kids just recently destroyed 2 of the lids. Ugh.


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