Friday, June 5, 2015

Aim high!

She's thinking: "I look amazing in this tu-tu...
and today is the day I'm getting my foot on that bar."

Happy Friday Everyone:@)


  1. Ha! Made my day Lynn!!! Where or where do you find such cuteness!!

  2. This is so cute and I feel like that too...aim high, why not!

  3. too cute!! happy friday, dear lynn!

  4. A great way to end the week. On this cute, lighter note.

  5. That is just about the cutest thing!! Makes me want to go watch 'Babe' again. :-)

  6. So cute! If only they stayed that small and adorable.

  7. This is the cutest darned picture, Lynn!!!! I LOVE it! Pigs have the cutest faces, don't they? I love the colorful tutu. :-D

    Thanks for sharing this fun picture with us and have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. awww...cutest pic ever...:)

  9. Too darn cute Lynn! Hope your weekend was relaxing :)

  10. Lynn ~ I'm doing something else outside the box. Imagine that! I just finished making my second batch of celery salt. The first one was SO good, I'm never going back to store-bought, made-from-ground-celery-seeds stuff. Now that I know how good celery salt can be, that stuff is just harsh! I dried the cut up celery ribs and included all the leaves, dehydrated them, then ran them through the spice grinder with popcorn salt. I use popcorn salt, because of its finer grains. I get the loveliest pale green color and a flavor enhancer that boosts everything I've put it in. Don't tell my family - they don't know what all I put it in :) I also dried jalapenos with the seeds and ribs removed and ran those through the spice grinder, because Jim & I don't care for as much heat as you get from the whole peppers. Haven't used that yet, but I see it figuring heavily in Jim's rubs for smoked pork. Hope you're enjoying finding out what all you can smoke.


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