Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crochet "Rack or Trivet" for Canning

Most of the canning I do is in small batches and I have a 3.5 quart tall pot that works great for holding three jars at a time. I wanted something to keep the jars off of the bottom of the pot and what makes this Crochet Rack or Trivet for Canning a little better than a dish towel is, it can be made the exact size of your pot. It's 100% cotton, and I'm lovin' the fun sherbet colors! It does tend to float a bit, but I just push it back down when I add my first jar.
Now, in a perfect world I'd have a neat silicone trivet that would sit on the bottom of the pot and stay put, but until that day... 
This crochet trivet from leftover yarn, that cost me pennies to make, will do just fine:@)
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Use your favorite crochet stitch in a circle pattern until it's big enough to cover the bottom of your pot.

Be resourceful and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Great idea for canning to keep the bottles from rattling and it makes it so pretty!

  2. You're so resourceful and clever, Lynn. What a great solution for canning!

  3. What a good idea.....and cute, too.

  4. Great idea!! I have been using regular size canning jar rings arranged in a circle in the bottom of the pot but, of course, some of the smaller jars have a tendency to tip so I have to arrange them very carefully. This looks much more secure! :).

  5. This is an awesome solution- and pretty as well as inexpensive. I imagine it holds up well too!

  6. What a great idea, Lynn! I love projects that you can actually use like this.

  7. Such pretty yarn! Perfect way to use up some leftovers :)

  8. You're so clever Lynn and I love your pretty yarn trivet too! One day I'm going to have to take the canning plunge :)

  9. Wow, what a great idea! I would have never thought of this.


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