Friday, November 7, 2014

Centerpieces for Football Fans

For my PIGskin Challenge this week I thought we'd look at some fun Centerpieces for Football Parties. A few are purchased and a few are easy enough for the kids to help make. Sometimes it's the little touches that really make a gathering memorable... Of course if your team wins, that helps too:@)

Super simple using tissue paper and a printed team logo, no link back.

Mug of Flowers from Apartment Therapy

There wasn't a link back for this pic, but it's a fun idea! Perfect for a casual Thanksgiving too...
Did I mention the Eagles play on Thanksgiving this year:@)

Fruit is a great idea, I actually saw a football planter/bowl at the Salvation Army but didn't get it-bummer.
Imagine this filled with pepperoni and cheese appys too...

A candy tower, no doubt this would be popular with the kids!

 I thought this was an easy and fun idea.

And last but not least, my simple idea of adding cut flowers to a theme'd cup.
My tip for making the flowers look full, instead of cut flowers I used a potted mum plant, then cut them to fit the vase.

Have a happy day and Go Team:@)


  1. All very creative arrangements. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love that cake!!! But it all looks very original :-).

  3. Lots of fun ideas here. I like the one with the fruit.

  4. Fun Lynn! I love the idea of a candy tower in team colors :)

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Those are great, sure give me some ideas for the super bowl party. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
    Miz Helen

  6. I love the painted pumpkin football! I have seen the mug of flowers on pinterest, and thought it was so clever~I can't believe you passed up the football planter! How much fun to have your team playing on Thanksgiving, I hope it doesn't interfere with the turkey eating~

  7. I think my favorite one was the pumpkin painted like a football! Too bad that you passes up that football planter, Lynn. That idea with appetizers is so cute! I know what team you'll be cheering for on Thanksgiving.
    Happy weekend!

  8. Such terrific ideas! I hope we get a few more wins so we can celebrate our teams!!!

  9. It's good to see a Texans centerpiece included, but it would be even nicer to see the team do better

  10. Ooooo, that double layer cake would be SOOO easy, using different colored gum balls! Thanks for the inspiration, Lynn. I love 'em all.

  11. Cute centerpieces. Enjoy your football games.


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