Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Football Pumpkins

For my PIGskin Challenge this week and in honor of Halloween I thought I'd gather some Football Pumpkin Ideas! This is gonna be fun:@)

Let's start with a truly amazing carved pumpkin! More can be found HERE.

Great bling around the fleur de lis cutout! 

Simple ribbon embellishment.

Fun carved packer pumpkin...

Player pumpkins.

Who says pumpkins need to be orange... Team color carved pumpkins HERE.

A pumpkin in a pumpkin-too cute!

Painted and embellished helmets from Rachel Ray Magazine
Shouldn't the Jets one just have a bag over it's head??? just sayin'...

They do sell team specific carving kits HERE. They even had them at my Walmart a few years ago. 

Man I LOVE football and all it's craziness:@) That's all I'll say about the next three pics...

...while Harry couldn't explain it, he refused the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and had a slice of apple instead...

And last but not least... a very popular pumpkin I'm sure! HERE.
Happy Halloween Week Everyone and GO TEAM!!! 


  1. Those are some creative pumpkin football ideas, Lynn. After seeing pumpkin helmet head, I think I'd be like Harry and go for the apple instead, too! That was some fun stuff that I'll share with Mike. He'll get a kick out of it. That first one was awesome!!!

  2. Love all the pumpkins Lynn! I got a kick out of those last three pics, especially the helmet :)

  3. Holy Halloween Pumpkins Lynn, I need an Alabama pumpkin!! I am way behind!! The carvings are amazing but I think my favorite is the stacked pumpkin people on the football field! So cute!!! I must go buy a white pumpkin and get out the red paint today!!

  4. Amazingly fun pumpkins! Glad you shared them. These made me smile. :)

  5. Surely there's a JJ Watt pumpkin.

  6. What a selection of football pumpkins! That first one just blows my mind! Mind would break for sure. I of course am going to choose the fleur de lys for my house, but love all of the fun football ones. Our BYU team has had too many injuries this year - not a fun football year for us.

  7. the first one is downright frightening! my fave was the player pumpkins. so cute!

  8. Fleur de Lis and the ice chest cooler pumpkin are my favorites.

  9. Hi Lynn, all the pumpkins are amazing and funny! xx

  10. The pumpkin carving talent here is just amazing.

  11. just as cute as can be....have fun on Halloween .


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