Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pig Eating Pumpkins!!!

Did you see the news??? Apparently there's a new variety of pumpkin that was crossed with a Venus Fly Trap plant and it likes pork!!!
 I can't help but think if Earl lost a few pounds he might run a little faster... I'm just sayin'...
 Don't worry, I saved his, um... bacon, and then got out my pie plate:@)

My son grew pumpkins this year and this one is from his garden.
He asked me to roast it and make pie, thought I'd have a little fun first... 
Stay tuned for a new pie.

Have a happy day!


  1. Sorry for deleting my first comment -> spelling errors! This is so so funny, it made me laugh, your text, the pumpkin thinking "tastes like bacon" and that poor Earl's eyes, LOL!!! Have a very nice Sunday x

  2. Isn't it fun to play with food! Enjoy that pie.

  3. I needed a chuckle this evening, thanks Lynn and Earl. Can't wait for some pumpkin pie goodness

  4. Thank goodness you saved poor Earl! It would not be the same around here without him!

    Can't wait to see the recipe, Lynn!


    Sheila :-)

  5. I'm glad to hear that you saved Earl. I was just going to report you to the Pig Rescuer Association!!


  6. Glad to know Earl is ok and the pumpkin got its just desserts

  7. So cute, Lynn! My mother-in-law used to buy pumpkins and roast the "meat," then freeze it for pies. It was good! She also made sweet potato pie, which I have done as well. When I made sweet potato pie I used the same pumpkin pie recipe and just subbed the sweet potatoes. Enjoy your pie, Lynn!

  8. That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

  9. are so funny!!!

    If I missed some posts...please know I'm back and looking for some good football season goodies! :)

    Jane xx

  10. Wow, what a pumpkin that your son grew! I love that you had some fun with Earl before Turing that pumpkin into pie filling.
    Happy football watching, Lynn. My son is so excited!!

  11. Oh no! Poor Earl! Great pumpkin!! I would love to have a backyard full this time of year~ does it make a lot of difference in the taste of your pie, because it sure is a lot of trouble to use fresh pumpkin...? Looking forward to the pie~

  12. Everything tastes better with a little added bacon!

  13. Very creative : ) I hope to freeze some pumpkin this year. It will be a first. Normally they just rot on the porch.

  14. Too cute! You are so much fun!!!

  15. This made me laugh, Lynn! I love pumpkin and always look forward to this time of the year when it is "pumpkin everything"!

  16. Thanks for the chuckles Lynn! Love Earl's expression and your pumpkin's face too :) Bring on the pumpkins!


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