Thursday, September 18, 2014

Football and Weddings

This week for my Personal PIGskin Challenge I thought it would be neat to see if the world of football and weddings might peacefully coexist. And judging by a quick click onto Pinterest, I wasn't the only one curious... One thing is for sure, a football themed wedding would be a fun one:@)

This cake topper is perfect for the couple that has a great sense of humor! HERE

As for the cake itself... Well, how about this beauty from Cake Studio...

 And yes guys, there are actually wedding bands that look like a football HERE.

How about this great garter from ETSY HERE.

And of course the men need boutonnieres... These keepsakes are from

Fun Jerseys... It said they're from David's Bridal but there wasn't a link.

And finally, we need party favors... How about some chocolate footballs from LittleThingsFavors!
So I'd say yes, football and weddings can go hand-in-hand!
As long as...
You don't get married on a football Sunday:@)

Have a happy day!


  1. hahaha.. that's great!!! Paul and I got married on a Sunday in June ~ and for 24 years he still talks about the fact that that day was the only time he's missed a Nascar race. ( Dover) Wasn't it good enough that we went to Charlotte Motor Speedway the week before we got married!! : )
    Have a great day Lynn.

  2. Love it! No reason why weddings and football can't co-exist. Big screen t.v.s lining the party venue would make it all work.


  3. Lynn, I laughed out loud with the football rose boutonniere, that's hard core! I'd have to drawn the line at a wedding band though :)

  4. I love the football rose boutonniere and the wedding cake. I believe football and weddings can coexist. My youngest daughter's husband had his "football section" dedicated to his favorite the Dallas Cowboys for his groom's cake. He had a signed football and a canvas set up around it. He was very happy. We are going to a wedding in McKinney, TX this weekend. The bride and her father sat down with the calendar to make sure it was a Saturday that LSU was not playing a big rival. Great post!

  5. Too hilarious!!! You need to be wearing that Eagles garter for the season Lynn!

  6. How cute. I know some guys would love to have a casual wedding with jerseys and a football on the cake.

  7. Yeah, getting married on a football Sunday would be a big no-no! I enjoyed all the football related wedding times you found. I must show all this to my son!

  8. So funny! I can't believe the wedding band. LOL

  9. Such cute ideas about football. Love the jerseys! =)

  10. Those are all wonderful! I never knew that there could be so many football inspired wedding goodies.


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