Monday, June 9, 2014

$1.97 Umbrella Holder for Gas Grill

My cement patio is in full sun from 10AM until the sun goes down, and while I'm grateful for the grilling space it does get a little... warm. Not to mention I need to apply sun tan lotion just to grill out:@) So I decided to nose around the hardware section at Home Depot and Walmart looking for a little inspiration... This simple $1.97 Umbrella Holder for a Gas Grill idea is working great!
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 It's nothing more than a pack of Spring Grip Organizers I found at Walmart and a little bolt and nut. 
Note: These #8 bolts were too big and I found smaller ones.

My grill came with a few holes in the back, very convenient:@) 
Of course in a perfect world the holes in the spring clip would be the same distance apart as the two on my grill... 
But this is my world and luckily one bolt is doing a fine job so far.

Simply screw the clip on... 
I added the second one to the other side of the grill for when I want to use the side burner.

Wa-La! This is just an umbrella I had, I'm looking for one that's a little taller and wider to use with the grill.
But this is working fine for now-look at that shadow!

I also tried it with my full size patio umbrella and while the clip held it, I don't recommend it.
I think that pole is too big and that could cause trouble if some gusty wind kicked-up.
Disclaimer: Please note, this is just an idea that works for me. I tend to grill quicker cooking items and never leave my grill unattended. This is on a gas grill that has some weight to it and the flame can be better controlled. I also don't grill on windy days. 
Please always use common sense and be very careful.

Have a happy day:@)

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  1. Our deck, where my husband did the grilling, was always sunny at our last home. We are lucky to have a deck now that is provided with a bit of shade for him. I'm glad you found something that keeps a bit of the hot afternoon sun off of you as you grill. Looks like a great idea!

  2. Great idea. Thanks for posting.

  3. I am passing this little idea along! It's a wonderful one!

  4. I'm always impressed with your creativity and thriftiness, Lynn. I have the same problem in the evening on my patio. Since I have a pergola, my youngest son put up a screen that he bought at Lowe's, and it's hanging on the west side. I can pull it down when needed and it so helps with that scorching Texas sun.

  5. creative! and glad you are careful, too. :)

  6. Nice! That is a genius idea:) Have a great week and stay cool....

  7. Great idea Lynn! Ours is under a shed so it makes it a little easier. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Great idea. You are one SERIOUS and amazing griller!

  9. When you talked about the big umbrella I envisioned your dinner on the pit flying off to parts unknown in a big wind! Like all the bouncy houses lately.
    YOu can't have any of that nonsense. A girl has to eat.

  10. Totally brilliant! We've got to do this, the guys are always grilling in the rain!

  11. Ok, I definitely need to get me one of these. This is such a great idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  12. This is very clever, Lynn! We could use an umbrella over our grill--it has been very rainy here this spring and then it will get hot and sunny for the summer.

  13. What a great solution Lynn! Our patio faces west and it is brutal to use the grill in the summer.

  14. Great idea, Lynn! I always love your can-do attitude! :) I'm still excited about the tip you gave us for keeping squirrels out of the garden planters. :-D Enjoy your grilling and have a great day.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. You are one smart cookie...this is a fabulous idea.

  16. What a great idea! I'm going to see if we can rig something up...

  17. This would be great for when it's raining too! Wonderful idea!

  18. Well, aren't you just a clever one! What a great idea, Lynn? I am really glad you added the disclaimer, because there are some careless (or maybe just non-thinking) people out there who might end up with a "flaming umbrella!" A golf umbrella might provide more coverage (not sure), but we used to use one in Oregon to keep the rain off when we were in the hot tub -- where oh where was Instagram for that funny!



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